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Club Sega (クラブセガ) is a chain of game centres and entertainment venues in Japan (and formerly Taiwan) created by Sega.

Alongside Sega Arena, the chain was was started in early 1997, beginning with Club Sega Tenmonkan and Club Sega Kashiwa.[1] Though characterised by their distinct red, black and white décor, Club Segas initially did not follow any fixed concepts;[2] centers could be opened in differing environments, with their features engineered to suit the surroundings and intended customer base. For example, Club Sega Shibuya was an inner-city game center targeted at young adults, featuring a Studio Sega purikura area and futuristic media theming,[3] whereas Club Sega Chatan operated as an entertainment center within a larger family resort, containing Mid-size attractions such as Power Sled.[2]

The chain appears to have later mostly consisted of inner-city venues, with a number of the older Hi-Tech Land Sega locations, including the longstanding former Hi-Tech Sega Shintoku, rebranded to use the name. A fictional Sotenbori location modelled on Club Sega Dotonbori has notably appeared in Yakuza 2, continuing to make appearances in Yakuza 5 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon even after the original Dotonbori branch closed.

Like Sega World, Club Sega is slowly being phased out in favour of a generic (if similar) "Sega" branding.