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Dennou Senki Virtual-On: Force
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Hikaru, Xbox 360
Genre: Shooting Action

Release Date RRP Code
2001 ¥?  ?

Xbox 360
¥5,800 (6,090) JES1-00078
Xbox 360
JP (Memorial Box)
¥10,290 JES1-00078
Xbox 360
JP (Platinum)
¥2,800 (2,940) JES1-00227
Xbox 360
JP (Download)
pts [[Category:JP Xbox 360 games]]
Xbox 360
? ?

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Dennou Senki Virtual-On: Force (電脳戦機バーチャロン フォース) is an arcade game developed by Hitmaker for the Sega Hikaru arcade platform in 2001. Despite its potentially misleading name, Force is a sequel to Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram, standing as the third "generation" in the series. It has thus far never seen a release outside of Japan (however, it is region free).

Several minor variants of Virtual-On: Force exist; 7.5, 7.6 and 7.7. Unlike the revisions of Oratorio Tangram the updates exist only to balance characters and address bugs.


The primary new feature of Virtual-On: Force, alluded to in the game's name, is the ability for four players to compete simultaneously, replacing the one-on-one battles seen in prior games.


Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram introduced the concept of a Virtuaroid "series", in which multiple variants of a Virtuaroid are playable (in that game this applies to the APHARMD B and APHARMD S, differing only by the components that are equipped). In Virtual-On: Force, this is applicable to all Virtuaroids, significantly boosting the character roster.

On top of this, each of the main Virtuaroids have ten different selectable palettes (as opposed to the two seen in previous games).

TEMJIN 707 Series

TEMJIN 707J (MBV-707-J)
TEMJIN 707J+ (MBV-707-J+)
TEMJIN 707J/c (MBV-707-J/c)
10/80 adv (MBV-04-10/80adv)
Is also listed under the TEMJIN 747 series


APHARMD J typeC (RVR-24-C)
APHARMD J typeA (RVR-20-A)
APHARMD J typeG (RVR-28-G)
APHARMD J typeX (RVR-81-X)
APHARMD J typeM (RVR-27-M)

Fei-Yen Series

Fei-Yen with VividHeart (TF-14 A)
Fei-Yen with BlueHeart (TF-14 B)
Fei-Yen with PanicHeart (TF-14 C)
Fei-Yen with Cinderella Heart (TF-14 M)

VOX Series

Dan (VOX D-101)
Age (VOX A-300)
Joe (VOX J-500)
Jane (VOX J-504)
Danny (VOX D-102)
Bob (VOX B-240)
U-ta (VOX U-303)
Mariko (VOX M-400)
Tetsuo (VOX T-400)

MYZR Series

MYZR Δ (YZR-8000 Δ)
MYZR Η (YZR-8000 Η)
MYZR Γ (YZR-8000 Γ)


BAL Series

RAIDEN 512E2 (HBV-512-E2)
RAIDEN 512E1 (HBV-512-E1)
RAIDEN 512A (HBV-512-A)
RAIDEN 512D (HBV-512-D)
RAIDEN 512N2 (HBV-512-N2)
RAIDEN 512N1 (HBV-512-N1)
BAL d MEORA (XBV-821 m-N)
BAL b CISTA (XBV-821 m-A)
BAL v TIGLA (XBV-821 m-F)
BAL m RINO (XBV-821 f-S)
BAL m LANDA (XBV-821 f-C)
BAL s RIMSO (XBV-821 f-E)


SPECINEFF 13 "The Sin" (YZR-XIII sin)
SPECINEFF 13 "The War" (YZR-XIII war)
SPECINEFF 13 "The End" (YZR-XIII end)


Angelan MH (TA-17 L)
Angelan WH (TA-17 S)
Angelan SH (TA-17 H)

TEMJIN 747 Series

TEMJIN 747A (MBV-747-A)
TEMJIN 747F (MBV-747-F)
TEMJIN 747H (MBV-747-H)
TEMJIN 747T (MBV-747-T)


APHARMD T typeF (RVR-36-F)
APHARMD T typeD (RVR-62-D)
APHARMD T typeB (RVR-77-B)
APHARMD T typeX (RVR-77-X)


Something in Japanese 1
Something in Japanese 2
Something in Japanese 3
Something in Japanese 4
Something in Japanese 5


Guarayakha (TG-11-M)



Unlike its predecessors, Virtual-On: Force was not released for home platforms of the day, but was eventually brought to the Japanese Xbox 360 in 2010. Instead home console owners would receive Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Marz in 2003, a game derived from Force but with numerous additions for the home market.

Initially the Xbox 360 version also came in a "Memorial Box" to celebrate fifteen years of Virtual-On. It was distributed with Dennou Senki Virtual-On Official Sound Data 4x6 and a code which, when redeemed, allows players to chose extra "bust" sizes for the "female" Virtuaroid characters.

Production credits

Virtual-On Works
Special Thanks...


Magazine articles

Main article: Dennou Senki Virtual-On: Force/Magazine articles.


Physical scans

Hikaru version

Hikaru, JP

Xbox 360 version

Xbox 360, JP
VirtualOnForce 360 JP Box.jpg
VirtualOnForce 360 JP Disc.jpg
Xbox 360, JP
(Memorial Box)
DSVOF 360 JP Box Back MemorialBox.jpgNospine-small.pngDSVOF 360 JP Box Front MemorialBox.jpg
Xbox 360, JP
VirtualOnForce 360 JP plat cover.jpg
Xbox 360, Asia
VirtualOnForce 360 AS Box.jpg
VirtualOnForce 360 AS Disc.jpg

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