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Formula Music JP Box Front.jpg
Format(s): CD
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Record label: Scitron
Artist: S.S.T. Band
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥3,2003,200 PCCB-00059

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Formula is an album containing remixed music from a number of Sega arcade games (and one Sega Mega Drive game), performed by S.S.T. Band.

Represented games include G-LOC: Air Battle, Rad Mobile, Shining in the Darkness, GP Rider, Laser Ghost and the medium-scale attraction Cyber Dome.

Track list

Disc 1

1. Earth Frame G (R360 [G-L.O.C.]) (4:05) 
From: G-LOC: Air Battle
2. Soup Up (Rad Mobile) (4:56) 
From: Rad Mobile
3. Shining and the Darkness (4:53) 
From: Shining in the Darkness
4. Belldeer Wind (3:48) 
5. Time Attack (GP Rider) (4:55) 
From: GP Rider
Running time: 22:37

Disc 2

Cyber Dome:

1. Opening/Biosphere (Story) (1:08) 
Japan Opening/Biosphere(ストーリー)
2. Star Command (2:05) 

Rad Mobile:

3. Advertise (0:42) 
Japan アドバタイズ
4. Soup Up (BGM 1) (3:06) 
5. Gang Bang (BGM 2) (3:44) 
6. Fall Head Over Heal (BGM 3) (3:26) 
7. Submission & Domination (BGM 4) (3:50) 
8. Kansou Fanfare/Name Entry (0:59) 
Japan 完走ファンファーレ/ネームエントリー
EN: Completion Fanfare/Name Entry

G-LOC R360:

9. Earth Frame G (2:10) 

GP Rider:

10. Advance/Start BGM (0:40) 
Japan アドバタイズ/スタートBGM
11. Yosen BGM (2:06) 
Japan 予選BGM
EN: Primary BGM
12. Time Attack (Automatic) (5:05) 
Japan Time Attack(オートマチック)
13. Be Over (Manual) (4:44) 
Japan Be Over(マニュアル)
14. Kanki no Melody/Jijii no Theme (1:08) 
Japan 歓喜のメロディー/じじいのテーマ
EN: Melody of Delight/Theme of the Old Man
15. The Perfect Power (Tsuushin) (5:16) 
Japan The Perfect Power(通信)
EN: The Perfect Power (Transmission)
16. Yorokobi no Melody/Kuyashi mi no Melody/Game Over/Name Entry (1:02) 
Japan よろこびのメロディー/くやしみのメロディー/ゲームオーヴァー/ネームエントリー
EN: Pleasurable Melody/Mortifying Melody/Game Over/Name Entry

Laser Ghost:

17. Title/Opening (0:39) 
Japan タイトル/オープニング
18. Noumiso no Shiwa (BGM 1)/Tsukuneyounamono (Boss 1)/Fanfare/Interval (2:56) 
Japan 脳ミソのシワ(BGM 1)/ツクネノヨウナモノ(ボス1)/ファンファーレ/インターバル
EN: Wrinkles of the Brain (BGM 1)/Tsukuneyounamono (Boss 1)/Fanfare/Interval
19. M (BGM 2)/Arashi no Inuboe Saki (Boss 2) (3:01) 
Japan M(BGM 2)/嵐の犬吠崎(ボス2)
EN: M (BGM 2)/Storm Over Inubou Peninsula (Boss 2)
20. Supaigero -- San Teki Naiyou Butsu (BGM 3)/Ashi no Nioi -- Watashi no Kage...... (Boss 3)/Game Over/Ending (2:59) 
Japan スッパイゲロ――酸的内容物(BGM 3)/足のニオイ――私の影······(ボス3)/ゲームオーヴァー/エンディング
EN: Supaigero -- Acid Stomach (BGM 3)/Smelly Feet -- My Shadow...... (Boss 3)/Game Over/Ending


21. R360 [G-L.O.C.] Extra Version (2:52) 
Japan R360[G-ロック]エキストラバーション
22. Space Hard [Cyber Dome] Extra Version (3:15) 
Japan スペースハード[サイバードーム]エキストラバーション
Running time: 56:53

Physical scans

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Disc 1
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Disc 2
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Reg Card

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