Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack

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Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Konami
Original system(s): MSX
Game total: 30
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (3 tracks)
Genre: Compilation, Variety (バラエティ)[1], Table[2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥3,8003,800 T-9530G
Sega Rating: All Ages

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Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack (コナミアンティークス MSXコレクション ウルトラパック) is a compilation of MSX games released for the Sega Saturn exclusively in Japan in 1998. It is a combination of three previous compilations released for the PlayStation between November 1997 and March 1998, making 30 games in total.

Games included

While the manual lists the games in Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack by genre, the game itself groups by (PlayStation) volume.

Sports games

Konami's Boxing/Konami no Boxing (コナミのボクシング)
Konami's Ping-Pong/Konami no Ping-Pong (コナミのピンポン)
Hyper Sports 2 (ハイパースポーツ2)
Hyper Sports 3 (ハイパースポーツ3)
Konami's Golf/Konami no Golf (コナミのゴルフ)
Konami's Billiards/Konami no Billard (コナミのビリヤード)
Konami's Tennis/Konami no Tennis (コナミのテニス)
Konami's Soccer/Konami no Soccer (コナミのサッカー)
Konami Rally (コナミラリー)
Road Fighter (ロードファイター)

Shooting games

Sky Jaguar (スカイジャガー)
Gradius (グラディウス)
Gofer no Yabou (ゴーファーの野望)
Super Cobra (スーパーコブラ)
TwinBee (ツインビー)
Gradius 2 (グラディウス2)
Time Pilot (タイムパイロット)
Parodius (パロディウス)
Salamander (沙羅曼蛇)

Action games

Mopiranger (モピレンジャー)
Antarctic Adventure/Kekkyoku Nankyoku Daibouken (けっきょく南極大冒険)
Yume Tairiku Adventure (夢大陸アドベンチャー)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (イー・アル・カンフー)
Yie-Gah Koutei no Gyakushuu (イーガー皇帝の逆襲)
Athletic Land/Wanpaku Athletic (わんぱくアスレチック)
Magical Tree (マジカルツリー)
Knightmare/Majou Densetsu (魔城伝説)
Comic Bakery/Ponpoko Pan (ぽんぽこパン)
Pippols (ピポルス)
King's Valley/Ouki no Tani (王家の谷)


Every game in the series skipped Sega's consoles, though several games released for the MSX received unlicensed ports to the SG-1000 and Sega Master System (running in SG-1000 mode) in South Korea and Taiwan. Yie Ar Kung-Fu was planned to be officially released for the SG-1000, but this port was cancelled.

Magazine articles

Main article: Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack/Magazine articles.

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Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack

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Technical information

Main article: Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack/Technical information.


Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack

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