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Gameplay bugs

Adahan softlock

Ristar MD Bug AdahanSoftlock 1.png

Ristar MD Bug AdahanSoftlock 2.png

Ristar MD Bug AdahanSoftlock 3.png

Ristar MD Bug AdahanSoftlock 4.png

One of Adahan's attacks involves hovering in the air and shooting his claws down at Ristar. If Ristar grabs the second claw from certain angles, he will grab on to nothing, then end up clipping through the floor. This will cause Ristar to drop back in from the top of the screen, but will be in a weird state where his sprites are obscured by parts of the background, and he will be unable to interact with Adahan or his attacks, essentially causing a softlock.

If this bug is performed after the first freefall phase, Ristar will be stuck at the top of the screen instead, and will still be unable to interact with Adahan, softlocking the game again.

Not fixed in any version.

Out of bounds in Round 6-2

Ristar MD Bug Round6-2OutOfBounds 1.png

Ristar MD Bug Round6-2OutOfBounds 2.png

In the second level of Planet Automaton there is a room with four moving platforms that can crush Ristar. If one of the platforms is made to move side-to-side and pushes Ristar right as he activates the teleporter, he will be pushed through the wall on the right. This causes the game to think the player has cleared the level and award the player with a Height Bonus of 20,100 points, however at the same time the game is also transitioning the player to the next room. This results in the area carrying on as normal, but with the area clear music continuously playing throughout the remainder of the level.

Not fixed in any version.



Ristar final.PNG

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