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In addition to the five passwords revealed in game, a number of others also affect the game. Some only work with the Japanese version, however:

Code Effect NTSC-J only?
MIEMIE Hidden items' grab points are shown with a blue star. No
CANDY Invincibility. Yes
FEEL ILOVEU (round select), MIEMIE and CANDY active all at once. Yes
MASTER Text that hints towards a sequel is shown. Yes
MACCHA Mentions Miyake color. The final boss stage palette changes to a golden yellow. Yes
AAAAAA No Continue limit. Yes
STAR A shooting star goes across the background. Yes
VALDI Shows the Valdi Solar System. Yes
HETAP Reverses the High Score in Demo Mode. It becomes a Worst Score of 9,999,900 points. No
AGES Copyright info is displayed. No
XXXXXX Clears/deactivates all current passwords. No

Mary Had a Little Lamb

If the player waits for one minute after throwing the final metronome to the final Umotomat in the first area of Planet Sonata before encountering the mini-boss, a rendition of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" will play.

Bonus jewel in Planet Sonata's mini-boss

Ristar MD 4-1BonusJewel.png

If the mini-boss of Planet Sonata is defeated before the first wave of Chibis appear, an Umotomat will fly in from the right and drop a Yellow Jewel worth 10,000 points. As the bobbing heads move quickly in randomised patterns, this is incredibly difficult to do, though a player with quick-enough reflexes can land three hits on one of the heads during the mini-boss intro.

Debug features

Free movement


Enter Pro Action Replay code FFE50B:78 to enable a free movement feature. While in free movement mode, hold A, B or C to move faster. To exit free movement, disable the code and press  START .[1]

Old stage select

Ristar MD OldStageSelect.png

An early text-based stage select can be accessed using the following Game Genie codes depending on game version and pressing  START :


To navigate this screen, press A and C to select a level. Note that in the International versions, there is no text displayed as the font used for this screen has been removed, but the stage select is still functional.[1]

Slow motion

Pro Action Replay code FFFE05:08 will enable a slow motion mode, cutting game speed by half. Be warned, as the game will freeze after completing a stage when using this mode.[1]



Ristar final.PNG

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