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Service Games, Hawaii
Founded: 1946
Merged into: ?? (1961-03-31)
210 Mokauea St., Honolulu[1][2], Hawaii, United States

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Service Games, Hawaii was a company founded by Irving Bromberg, his son Martin Bromberg, and friend of the family James Humpert on the islands of Hawaii in 1946 on the 1st day of September.[3][4]


The Hawaii Service Games was effectively a "successor" to a previous corporate venture by Irving Bromberg named "Standard Games, Hawaii". Standard Games was founded in 1934 and sold earlier in 1945. Both the Hawaiian Standard Games and Service Games specialised in distributing slot machines and other coin-operated devices, but Standard Games focused on civillian markets while Service games to US military facilities across Hawaii.

This Service Games is considered to be the root of what is now known as Sega Corporation, albeit with very loose connections (most notably the name, Service Games).

On February 15, 1952 a distribution agreement was arranged with Richard Stewart, in which Stewart would open a distribution office in Japan and Service Games, Hawaii would supply him with machines and a 10% commission on gross sales. This would become Service Games, Japan. Service Games, Panama and Service Games, Nevada would also follow.

On March 31, 1961, the Hawaiian Service Games was sold[5][6] to a group headed by Harold Tadao Okimoto[7][8][9][10], owner and president[11][12][13] of Island Tobacco Co. of Honolulu, for $1.4 million USD and its name changed to Service Music of Hawaii, Inc.[14][6]. The Service Games name, however, was kept by Irving and Martin Bromberg (now Bromley). Its post-sale history is not known.

Distributed products

  • Ristaucrat 45 (Ristaucrat; 1950)[15]
  • Music Mite (Williams; 1951)
  • Atomic Jet (NASCO/Conat Sales; 1952)[16]


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