The Terminator (Mega-CD)

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The Terminator
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Publisher: Virgin Games
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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The Terminator for the Sega Mega-CD is a platform shooter based on the film with the same name. Though it shares the same title and basic premise, it is unrelated to the Sega Mega Drive version, sporting more fluid and detailed graphics, new gameplay styles and a CD audio soundtrack. Furthermore it features movie scenes taken from the motion picture (although limited to 16 colors, not employing the technique that allowes a higher color count, as seen e.g. in the Mega CD version of Eternal Champions).


Guns and Grenades are assigned to B and A buttons respectively. C is used for jumping. It's possible to run and shoot at the same time, or stand in a fixed position, depending on which button is pressed first. The main weapon can be upgraded by collection power ups. A life system is in place, with hidden extra lives scattered throughout the game. Small nodes are used as checkpoints. Continues and a password system are absent. The overall length is around 45 to 60 mintues of gameplay, compared to the Sega Mega Drive version that is around 15 minutes of gameplay long. The game also features a number of bosses, although they don't provide a significant higher challenge than standard enemies.


  • Ruined City
  • Wasteland
  • Skynet Part 1
  • Skynet Part 2
  • L.A. Night 1
  • L.A. Night 2
  • TechNoir
  • Police Station
  • Factory 1
  • Factory 2

Production Credits

Note: this game divides its credits into two - the "main" developers are listed in the introduction, while assistant staff are listed in the end credits.

Developed by Virgin Games
Programmed by Salias Warner
Script: Erik Yeo, Justin Norr
Set Design: Nick Bruty, Kevin Toft
Character Design: Doug Cope, Roger Hardy, Clark Sorensen
Original Music: Tommy Tallarico
Video and Sound: Steve Henifin
Original Concept: Dave Perry
Producers: Tom Gibson, Barry Pringle

(End Credits)
Design Assistance: Justin Norr, Kevin Norr, Mark Yamada
Programming Assistance: John Alvaardo, Matt From, Devid Perry
Artists: Mike Dietz, Shawn Maclean, Barry J.S. Pringle, Dean Ruggles, Edward Schofield, Bob Steele, Bob Stevenson, Daniel Wong, Willis Wong
Quality Assurance: Mike McCaa, Chris McFarland, Jared Brinkley, David Fries, Bijan Shaheer, Harvard Bonin, Nick Camerota, Susan Haight, Erik Harshman, Ken Love, Paul Moore, Chad Soares, Chris Toft, Jon Williams, Noah Tool, Tim Williams
Executive Producers: "Doc" Clarke-Willson, Guy Johnson, David Bishop
Production: Seth Mandlesohn, Craig Warmsley, Jeff Buccellato, Kevin Norr
Produced With: ROM DevBios from Malibu Interactive
Music Mixed in QSound™ by Buzz Borrowes
©1993 Virgin Games USA.

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Mega-CD, US
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