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In-game credits
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Music credits

Name Description Credits Used Comments
Door into Summer Theme of Isolated Island Yes
Electoria Theme of Techno Tower Yes
Speed of Sound Theme of Speed Slider Yes
Seascape Theme of Marina Madness Yes
Midnight Greenhouse Theme of Botanic Base Yes
New Moon Theme of Amazing Arena (lights on) Yes
Labyrinth Theme of Amazing Arena (lights off) Yes
Trial and Error Amazing Arena sub-boss Yes
Walkin' Theme of World Entrance (morning) Yes
Hyper-Hyper Theme of World Entrance (day) Yes
Evening Star Theme of World Entrance (sunset) Yes
Moonrise Theme of World Entrance (night) Yes
Overture Intro Yes
This Horizon Title screen Yes
Take Off Player Select Yes
Combination Tutorial Yes
Take a Nap Beginning of Isolated Island Yes
Surging Power Invincibility Yes
Mechanical Dance Death Yes
Tube Panic Special Stage Yes
Crystal Nightmare Techno Tower boss Yes
Child's Song Speed Slider boss Yes
Soda Pop Marina Madness boss Yes
Pendulum Botanic Base boss Yes
Silver Screen Amazing Arena boss Yes
Tachy Touch Bonus Stage Yes
Chaotic World Level select Yes
Surprise Metal Sonic Yes
Nice Meeting You Combi Catcher Yes
Have a Happy Day Data Load Yes
Reach the Goal Level clear Yes
High Five Combi Catcher jingle Yes
Decision Level select jingle Yes
From Party to Party End of level Yes
Have Some Fun Boss introduction Yes
Oriental Legend Final boss Yes
Steel Heart Eggman Yes
Tribute Got all Chaos Rings Yes
Destructive Power Bad ending Yes
Just Another Day Good ending Yes
Decision 2nd Level select jingle Yes



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