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Escape (TV show)
Number of episodes: ?
Original airdate: 1996 — 1998
Original channel(s): Polonia 1

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Escape was one of the most popular television shows about computer games in the history of Polish television. The program was inspired by Games World. One of the main sponsors was Bobmark International

The founders of the program were the editors of the Top Secret (magazine). Due to the lack of appropriate resources, the developers of Escape presented a very simple form which the strength of the program became the image and text read by voice-over artist Tomasz Knapik.

However, the biggest challenge was the search for advertisers and sponsors. Most native game distributors were skeptical. Only Marek Jutkiewicz saw the potential in the program and decided to invest in advertising.Jutkiewicz was a co-owner of Bobmark, which dealt with the distribution of Pegasus and Sega in Poland.

Escape appeared regularly, every week. It seemed that everything was on the right path to create a prosperous, profitable television program over the next few years.A few months after the broadcasting of the program, Polonia 1 turned off the transmitters for a month, without informing anyone. Advertisers have complained about why the Escape program and their ads are not broadcast. Bobmark stopped supporting Escape. To keep the program, after a one-month break, the creators had to look for a new sponsor. The new sponsor was Optimus and later Nintendo.

Financial problems, the lack of prospects for expanding emissions in slowly declining Polonia 1 and the divergence of program authors led to the collapse of the Escape program in 1998.[1]

Sega games in the program

No. Video Original Air Date News and Features Game Reviews
[3] , [4]
  • SEGAWorld
[9] 1997-01-xx
79. [10]
[11] 1998-01-xx

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