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Leagas Delaney is a multinational advertising agency, hired in 2002 by Sega of America to market and promote its Sega Sports label.


Founded in August 1980 by Tim Delaney and Ron Leagas, Leagas Delaney was originally spun off from the United Kingdom branch of renowned American advertising agency BBDO.[2]

In 2002, Sega of America hired Leagas Delaney as its official advertising agency, being awarded a $25,000,000 advertising contract for use mainly in promoting Sega Sports.[3]

Nike v. Sega

Main article: Nike v. Sega.

In February 2002, American athletic footwear manufacturer Nike sued Sega of America and Leagas Delaney over a commercial produced by the agency for the Sega Dreamcast game NBA 2K2. The commercial, which paid significant homage to the critically-acclaimed 1996 Nike basketball commercial Frozen Moment (and virtually copied the original shot-for-shot), went as far as to feature an inversion of Nike's trademarked slogan "Just Do It", parodied as "Just Don't Do It".[4]

Leagas Delaney admitted that their commercial was significantly inspired by the previous Nike ad, stating it was meant as a respectful homage. Regardless, the lawsuit was settled out of court, with Sega of America and Leagas Delaney issuing a formal apology, and with Sega donating $100,000 to the United States charity Boys & Girls Clubs of America (notably, to the Clubs in Portland, Oregon and Memphis, Tennessee: the location of Nike's headquarters and distribution center.)[5]

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