Mutsuhiro Fujii

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Mutsuhiro Fujii
Place of birth: Nagano Prefecture, Japan[1]
Employment history:
Role(s): Director[1], Web Developer[1]

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Mutsuhiro "Mut" Fujii (藤井睦弘), also known by the alias Mutchan (むっちゃん)[1], is a Japanese businessman and Sega of Japan director and web developer, most know for his early work in the company's Mark III development, and for establishing Sega CS.

Fujii was also involved with the launch of the TeraDrive and Terra Net as part of the Terra Project. In 1996, he worked on creating the official website for Sega of Japan and by the early 00's was overseeing the website through the Customer Gateway Dept..[1]



As Mutsuhiro Fujii was first active during a time when game developers were typically credited under pseudonyms, he settled on a few names that could be used as a signature of his style: 6216, MUT and 241. All 3 appear in Fantasy Zone, where he is credited as Warlock Mut 241 and 6216 is the year the game takes place in.[3] Space Harrier is set in the similar 6226.

Other numbers he has used in aliases include 743 (for Space Harrier), 400 (for Golden Axe) and for Super Thunder Blade he used 1929, which rearranges 6216 and flips the 6's upside-down.

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