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NAOMI version

Dreamcast version

Original Game ©Sega, 1999
©Sega/Sonicteam, 2000
In-game credits (JP)


NAOMI version

Shun Nakamura

  • Secured licenses for copyrighted songs.[1]

Tomohiko Aita

  • Designed 344 musical score patterns.[1]
  • Designed minigames.[1]

Miho Bonkohara

  • Created sub-characters.[2]
  • Created the in-game font.[2]


Music credits

This list of music has been registered with JASRAC, including composer credit.

Name Description Credits Used Comments
El Camino al Maestro Yes
Ahora Si! Yes
Miro Lo Bien! Yes
Oiga Lo Bien! Yes
Juego Poco Segundo Yes
Jugamos Mas Yes
Minigame End Yes
El Camino al Maestro Yes
El Camino al Maestro Yes
Fanfare 1 Yes
Fanfare 2 Yes
Fanfare 3 Yes
Fanfare 4 Yes
Fanfare 5 Yes
Fanfare 6 Yes
Fanfare 7 Yes
Fanfare 8 Yes
Fanfare 9 Yes
Fanfare 10 Yes
Result Yes
Sonic Team Jingle Yes
Title Call Yes
Hey! We're the Sonic Team! Yes
Bienvenido a Samba de Amigo Yes
Vamos a Carnaval Yes
Mambo de Verano Yes
Que Alto! Yes
Costa Del Oeste La Yes
Salsa De Amigo Segunda Yes
Juego Poco Yes
Jugamos Con Fuego Yes
Que Es Su Nombre? Name Entry Yes
Salsa De Amigo Yes


Samba de Amigo Ver.2000

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