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SegaRocks Live in Japan
Format(s): CD
Publisher: Wave Master
Record label: Wave Master Entertainment
Distributor: Avex Distribution
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥3,000 (3,150)3,000 (3,150)[2] WWCE-31069/B

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SegaRocks Live in Japan is an album containing music from an event of the same name, which occurred in September 2004. It is a compilation of several Sega tunes performed live by some of their staff, including Sega Rally 2, Burning Rangers, Phantasy Star III, Clockwork Knight, Phantasy Star IV, Sonic Boom, Aa Harimanada, Victory Goal '96, Daytona USA and Segagaga. The album also comes with a DVD consisting of an interview and performances of "GO! GO! Sega Rally", "Sega Saturn, Shiro!" and "Segagaga March".

Track list

1. Go! Go! Sega Rally (4:18) 
Japan GO!GO!セガラリー
From: Sega Rally 2
2. Burning Hearts ~ Honou no Angel (4:23) 
Japan Burning Hearts〜炎のAngel
EN: Burning Hearts ~ Angel of Fire
From: Burning Rangers
3. Phantasy Star III Main Theme (3:58) 
From: Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
4. A Lullaby (4:07) 
From: Clockwork Knight
5. The End of the Millenium (6:03) 
From: Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium
6. Name Register (7:12) 
Japan ネームレジスト
From: Sonic Boom
7. Harima Taisou Daiichi (3:56) 
Japan 播磨体操第一
EN: Harima Gymnastics First
From: Aa Harimanada
8. Sega Saturn, Shiro! (3:32) 
Japan セガサターン、シロ!
9. Mirai e to Tsudzuku Sora (4:52) 
Japan 未来へと続く空
From: Victory Goal '96
10. Let's Go Away (4:02) 
From: Daytona USA
11. Segagaga March (3:49) 
Japan セガガガ・マーチ
From: Segagaga
Running time: 50:12

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