Shenmue: The Movie

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Shenmue: The Movie
Publisher: Art Port
Running time: 91 min. 41s
Release Date RRP Code
VHS Video
¥? APR-0122
DVD Video
¥4,700 BBBF-1980

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Shenmue: The Movie is a ninety-minute film comprised of cutscenes (and gameplay footage from expert players) from Shenmue. It was released in Japanese cinemas in early 2001, later seeing a VHS and DVD release in the region, before being bundled alongside western versions of Shenmue II for the Xbox. DVD releases of the film came in both Japanese and English.

With the exception of a few additional sequences for continuity purposes, Shenmue: The Movie offers nothing not seen in the original Sega Dreamcast release of Shenmue. It most likely exists due to in an attempt to break even on the game's extremely high development costs, as well as bridge gaps between Xbox Shenmue II owners and the Dreamcast-exclusive prequel. The DVD contains a fourteen-minute bonus documentary about the development of Shenmue II.

Physical scans

VHS version

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DVD version

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