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Titan Wars
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Crystal Dynamics (US, Europe), BMG Victor (Japan)
Distributor: BMG Interactive Entertainment (EU)
Sound driver: SCSP (1 track)
Genre: Shooting[1]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,800 (5,974) T-15903G
Sega Rating: All Ages
Sega Saturn
$59.99 T-15911H
ESRB: Teen
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
£44.99 T-15911H-50
Sega Saturn

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Titan Wars (タイタンウォーズ), called Solar Eclipse in the US, is a 1996 shoot-'em-up by Crystal Dynamics for the Sega Saturn. The game is a successor to the 1993 3DO game Total Eclipse (as well as its 1995 PlayStation adaptation, Total Eclipse Turbo), but features improved gameplay over that game.

Like Total Eclipse, the game was also released on the PS1, but only in Europe; North America and Japan only recieved the Saturn original.


Titan Wars is a 3D on-the-rails spaceship shooter very similar in nature to Nintendo's Star Fox series. The player travels forward into the screen, shooting enemies while avoiding projectiles and obstacles. Pressing L or R rotates the ship 90 degrees.

Cutscenes are presented as full motion video sequences with live actors.

Also included are bonus stages where the player has to shoot as many cows as possible.

Production credits

Team Titan
  • Lead Programmer: Stephen D. White
  • Programmer: Bob Smith
  • Lead Artist: Terry Falls
  • Artist: Simon Knights, Steve Suhy
  • Lead Game Designer: Eric Lindstrom
  • Designer: Noah Hughes
  • Product Marketing Manager: Jim Curry
  • Produced By: Andy Trapani
Live Action Crew
  • "Raven" Maj. Delany Kelt: Claudia Christian
  • "Stuntman" Lt. Jake Cross: Gary Hudson
  • "Hellcat" Lt. Sarah Underhill: Jillian McWhirter
  • "Cobra" Lt. Major Green: John Lage
  • "Pitbull" Lt. Maj. Peterson: Tracey Ross
  • "Hopscotch" Lt. Pachenko: Ritchie Montgomery
  • "Vegas" Lt. Ramirez: Juan Garcia
  • "Phantom" Lt. Major Gregson: Stephen Park
  • "Digger" Lt. Morris: Jana Copley
  • Crazy Colonist: Dennis Burkely
  • Susan Powell: Kim Miyori
  • Spinner: Charles Martinet
  • Capt. Banks: Stephen Markle
  • Joshua: Joe Paulino
  • Flight Computer: Tracy Heffernan
  • Intercom Voice: Joe Paulino
  • "Buzzard" Lt. Hogan: Neil Dickson
  • "Scarecrow" Lt. Radakovich: Kevin Baxter
  • "Maestro" Lt. Phillips: Marita Deleon
  • IRIS: Tracy Heffernan, Stephen Markle, Charles Martinet, Kim Miyori, Joe Paulino
  • Executive Producer of Live Action: Andy Trapani
  • Associate Producers: Gary Hudson, Frederick Bailey III
  • Story and Screenplay: Eric Lindstrom
  • Additional Story and Dialogue: Jim McGrath
  • Production Manager: Aaron M. Heck
  • 3D Animation: Terry Falls, Simon Knights
  • Editing and Post Production Supervision: Dan Brazelton
  • Director of Photography: Jurgen Baum
  • First Assistant Director: Robert Kay
  • Second Assistant Director: Bobby Bonilla
  • Script Supervisor: Joan Chen
  • Music & Foley By: John Lawrence, Bill Hendrickson, Tom Corwyn
  • Production Designer: Philip Brandes
  • Wardrobe: Marita Deleon
  • Make-Up: Stephanie Fowler
Additional Game Crew
  • Additional Programming: Adam Woodbury, Doug Ihde, Dan Su, Lloyd Pique
  • Terrain Tile Art: Maj Cole
  • Additional Art: Juan Ruiz, David Pounders, Jean Z. Xiong, Andy Mitchell
  • Executive Producer: Jon Horsley
  • Storyboards: Vincent Castillo, Andy Mitchell
  • Level Layout & Additional Design: Jeremy Bredow, Seth Carus, Riley Cooper, J. Epps, Chazz Geiwitz, Noah Hughes, Josh Rose
  • Object Assembly: Mark Ybarra
  • Music By: John Lawrence, Bill Hendrickson, Power of 2 Music
  • Music Processing and Sound Effects: Burke Trieschmann
  • Tools Gimp: Sean Vikoren
  • Decompression & Video Decompositing: Leland Susser
  • Test Manager: Conan Tigard
  • Lead Tester: Caroline Esmurdoc
  • Testing: Ed Chennault, Richard D'Aloisio, Jake Espinoza, Scott Hill, Billy Mitchell, Pappalardo Laurence, Laurence Monji, Raphael Pepi, Kam Ralston, Rodney Rapp, Ilya Reeves, Kenny Reeves, Sheatiel Sarao, Serguei Savtchenko, Mari Schaal, Ben Schulz, Kevin Seiter, Eric Simonich, William Sudderth, Jeff Todd
  • Special Thanks: Linda White, Crystal White, Pamela Lindstrom, Jake Lindstrom, Shannon Lindstrom, Marko Trapani, Marlene Trapani, Kymm Friedmann, Gerry Knights, David Kirk, Jennifer Bulka, George W. Young, Dan Dorosin, Ted Fitzgerald, Jeff Kesselman, Kathy Appuhn, Kim Gishler, Chris Espinosa, Kristen Growney, Madeline Canepa, Scott A. Steinberg, Amy Hennig, Richard Lemarchand, Michelle Smith, Don Dacanay, Sheatiel Sarao, Roz Horsley, Brendan Cahill, Diddy, Kendall, Jack Scratch, Steve M. Suhy, Buck
Source: In-game credits[7]

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

TitanWars Saturn JP Flyer.pdf

JP flyer
Print advert in VideoGames (US) #80: "September 1995" (1995-08-22)
also published in:
Print advert in Playmag (FR) #2: "Avril 1996" (1996-xx-xx)
also published in:
Print advert in Hyper (AU) #31: "May 1996" (1996-xx-xx)

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
58 №384, p29
73 [4]
61 [14]
52 [15]
51 [16]
45 [17]
81 №76, p52/53
54 [18]
57 [19]
47 [20]
Sega Saturn
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10 reviews

Saturn, JP
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Saturn, US
SolarEclipse Saturn US Box Back.jpgSolarEclipse Saturn US Box Front.jpg
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Solareclipse sat us manual.pdf
Saturn, EU
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Saturn, PT
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
572,697,888 CD-ROM (EU) T-15911H-50 V1.000
Sega Saturn
528,374,448 1996-01-23 CD-ROM (JP) T-15903G V1.000
Sega Saturn
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