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Streets of Rage
Formats(s): Vinyl
Record label: Data Discs
Release Date RRP Code
£19.9919.99[1] DATA001

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Streets of Rage is a vinyl album containing music from the Sega Mega Drive game, Streets of Rage.

Track list

A1. The Street of Rage
A2. Player Select
A3. Fighting in the Street
A4. Attack the Barbarian
A5. Dilapidated Town
A6. Moon Beach
A7. Keep the Groovin'
A8. Round Clear
B1. Beatnik on the Ship
B2. Stealthy Steps
B3. Violent Breathing
B4. The Last Soul
B5. You Became the Bad Guy!
B6. Big Boss
B7. My Little Baby
B8. Game Over

Production credits

  • All music composed by: Yuzo Koshiro
  • Audio sourced from the original NEC PC-88 files (A1,A2,A5,A7,A8,B1,B2,B6,B7) and a PAL Mega Drive (HD,VA4,non-TMSS) with Yamaha sound chip, running aat 60Hz through a stereo output mod (A3,A4,A6,B3,B4,B5,B8)
  • All tracks mastered for vinyl by: Shaun Crook, May 2015
  • Special thanks to: WING☆GHOST
  • Produced under license from Ancient, Corp and SEGA
Back cover[2]

Physical scans

Vinyl, UK
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