Takeshi Hirai

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Takeshi Hirai
Place of birth: Kobe, Japan[1]
Employment history:
Irem (1991-04[2] – 1994-03[2])
Sega of Japan (1994-04[2] – )
United Game Artists ( – 2003-09[2])
Q Entertainment (2003-10[2] – 2010-06[2])
Neilo Inc. (2010-09-01[2] – )
Role(s): Director, Lead Programmer
Twitter: @NeiloTakHirai

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Takeshi "Tak" Hirai (平井 武史) is a Japanese businessman and former Sega of Japan director and lead programmer. He left Sega when United Game Artists was merged with Sonic Team, becoming the chief technology officer at Q Entertainment. In 2010 he founded Neilo Inc..

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