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Misspelling? Was that supposed to mean « Version »?

French Yeno version

I do own a french SC3000 (not 3000H) with no Yeno branding. It says SEGA as the other models, but was distributed with a custom Yeno (fugly) joystick.

French SC3000 by ITMC

I found a French SC-3000 distributed by ITMC : The logo is Sega on the system, not Yeno or ITMC :

First time i see one like this

To do at some point


New Zealand



also look out for Compulink.

-Black Squirrel 14:20, 3 September 2012 (CDT)

C64 comparison

While I do quite like the idea of having tables or pages or whatever to compare competing video game systems, I don't think the comparisons belong on the main system page, and don't think we should be necessarily stating "x is better than y" unless it's really obvious. For example, clock speed differences between a Z80 and 6502 might not mean a whole lot, as the processors are very different beasts and there could be a number of other factors affecting performance.

i.e. it's better to remain neutral and just state the facts. How you define "power" is also relative to what you want to achieve - the ZX Spectum often runs games at a higher frame rate than the Commodore 64, but there are fewer colours to play with and on the 48K models, not much sound (usually).

That being said, comparing the SC-3000 to the Commodore 64 is... maybe not the best of plans, because the two weren't really designed to compete against each other. A comparison with the MSX makes more sense because it was designed primarily for Japan, but it's not a particularly fantastic period for this sort of thing, as there were 5489320483204893124 microcomputers of similar-ish specs selling in Japan, France, Italy, Austraila and New Zealand at the time. Where do you draw the line?

Hardware comparisons also fall a bit flat if the software is unique.

In other news it would be better to duplicate the SG-1000 spec list here than say "go look at the SG-1000 page". It's just as valid to say the SG-1000 was a "consolised" version of the SC-3000, as it is to say the SC-3000 is a "computerised" SG-1000. They were both released on the same day -Black Squirrel (talk) 12:46, 18 October 2016 (CDT)