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File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg 1989-10-16 Complete Guide to Consoles (UK), "" Preview
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-01-16 Computer & Video Games (UK), "February 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-xx-xx Sega Visions (US), "June/July 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-xx-xx User (GR), "Noémvrios 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-05-21 Ação Games (BR), "Maio 1991" "Superestratégia"
A three and a half page "super strategy" mixing hints, cheats, screenshots and a map, forming sort of a walkthrough.
576kb 41 HU Dragon's Revenge.jpg 1994-xx-xx 576 KByte (HU), "Január 1994" Tips
TopSecret 51 PL Sega.jpg 1996-xx-xx Top Secret (PL), "Czerwiec 1996" "Mega Games 6"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Secret Service (PL), "Wrzesień 1996" "Mega Games 6"