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Trampoline Terror!
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: DreamWorks
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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Sega Mega Drive

Trampoline Terror! is a Sega Mega Drive puzzle action game developed by NCS and published by Dreamworks, and released exclusively in the United States in 1990.

Masaya had initially planned to release Trampoline Terror in Japan as Explode Star (エクスプロード・スター), (priced at ¥5,500[2], dated November 1990[3]) and even ran print advertisements in Japanese game magazines, but ultimately cancelled the game's domestic release for unknown reasons.


The Trampoline Terror must put a halt to the aliens who are trying to take over the planet Ahas after kidnapping their queen.


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The player controls the titular Trampoline Terror from an overhead perspective. Each stage in the game is a 16x16 grid containing various obstacles, tiles, and strategically placed trampolines with which the character is able to interact. Players must activate all of the switches on each stage by walking over them while at the same time avoiding enemies. Trampolines can be used to jump over enemies or gaps but can only be jumped on a few times before breaking. Stages wrap around both vertically and horizontally.

He moves with the D-Pad and jumps with A or C. He jumps farther if the button is held down along with the D-Pad. He jumps repeatedly in place if the button is held down without a direction. P-Balls can be picked up in limited numbers and thrown at the enemies with B. After being thrown, the P-Ball must be collected again to be used again. P-Balls bounce along trampolines and become lost if they fall of the edge of the stage. Enemies can also be lured into broken trampolines to defeat them.

The Trampoline Terror falls to his death if he falls through a broken trampoline or runs off the edge of the stage. He also dies if he touches an enemy. Enemies continually respawn a short time after they are defeated. The game can be continued if the player runs out of lives.

The game has eight worlds with four stages each for a total of 32 stages, with a final stage consisting of a boss fight.


Trampoline Terror, P-Ball.png
Gives the player another P-Ball, up to a maximum of 4. P-Balls can be thrown to attack enemies.


Trampoline Terror, Tiles.png
Standard Tile
These tiles can be stood on. Some of them move.
Trampoline Terror, Tiles.png
Striped Tile
These tiles disappear and reappear periodically.
Trampoline Terror, Tiles.png
These tiles teleport the Trampoline Terror to another corresponding teleporter tile.
Trampoline Terror, Tiles.png
The Trampoline Terror can run across these or jump on them. He can bounce on trampolines to jump over enemies or gaps that are one tile wide. Each time he bounces on a trampoline, it changes color from green to blue to yellow to red. Jumping on a red trampoline breaks it.
Trampoline Terror, Tiles.png
Broken Trampoline
The Trampoline Terror falls through broken trampolines, costing him a life.
Trampoline Terror, Tiles.png
Switch Plate
The Trampoline Terror must activate every switch to clear each stage. Switches self-destruct a few seconds after they have been activated. Activating multiple switches of the same color in succession gives bonuses:

Color 1x 2x 3x 4x
Green Score bonus Score bonus Restores all trampolines by one color Gives the player an extra life
Blue Score bonus Score bonus Temporarily invulnerability Completes the stage
Yellow Score bonus Score bonus Score bonus Score bonus
Red Score bonus Score bonus Freezes all enemies temporarily Destroys all enemies


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Trampoline Terror!

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Trampoline Terror!

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