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Nippon Computer Systems
Founded: 1980
Defunct: 2000 (stopped game production)
T-series code: T-25
Headquarters: Japan

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Nippon Computer Systems Corp. (日本コンピュータシステム株式会社) is a Japanese computer company which entered the video game industry in 1990; in this field they are best known for the Langrisser and the Cho Aniki series. Their Japanese distribution division is called Masaya (メサイヤ). Very little information about their history as game developers is known in English (TODO), though it is presumed Langrisser Millennium was the last game they published before CareerSoft spun out.

The brand name was transferred to Extreme in November 2014


Note: this list at the moment includes only games published under the name Masaya according to Sega's archive, which only lists third-party publishers for Mega Drive, Mega CD, 32X, Game Gear, and Saturn, as well as Langrisser Millennium. Should any games have been omitted, please add them here.


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