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Westone logo.png
Founded: 1986-05[1][2]
Defunct: 2014-09-24[2]
Sumida, Tokyo, Japan[2]

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Westone Bit Entertainment (ウエストン ビット エンタテインメント), founded as Escape, and later known as simply Westone, was a Japanese video game developer which often did uncredited contract work for publishers such as Sega and Hudson Soft. The company is most notable for developing a number of entries in the Wonder Boy series.


The Tokyo-based developer was founded in May 1986 as Escape (referring to a computer keyboard's Esc key.) Because it was felt that name didn't reinforce the image of a reliable company, it was later changed to Westone, a contraction derived from the first characters of founders Ryuuichi Nishizawa (西澤龍一) and Michishito Ishizuka's (石塚路志人) names: Nishi, meaning West, and Ishi, meaning stone.[2] It was created as an original equipment manufacturer for both arcades and home consoles.[3]


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