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Koji Umeda
Place of birth: Gifu, Japan[1]
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1992-09[2] – 1997-10[2])
Softbank Creative (1997-09[2] – 2012-04[2])
Dwango (2012-04[2] – 2014-03[2])
Hacosta (2015-12[2] – 2018[2])
Role(s): Marketing

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Koji Umeda (梅田 浩二), also known as Ume (ウメ), was a publicist at Sega, promoting AM2 games including Virtua Fighter. He left the company to become a magazine editor at Softbank Creative, becoming the editor-in-chief of Gemaga in 2004, remaining an editor until the magazine was discontinued in 2012.[1]

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