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Nuby Converter
Made for: Sega Game Gear
Manufacturer: Nuby
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Sega Game Gear

The Nuby Converter is a third-party peripheral for the Sega Game Gear, allowing it to play Sega Master System games (much like the Master Gear Converter). It was manufactured by Nuby.

The Nuby Converter fits into the Game Gear's cartridge slot, but unlike the Master Gear Converter, Master System cartridges are mounted at a right angle. Though this makes the accessory easier to eject, the Master System cartridge can obstruct the user's vision. Like the Master Gear Converter, screen size is resized to fit the Game Gear's resolution.

Interestingly, the game's box shows a Game Gear running Shinobi, despite there being a The Ninja cart inserted.

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Game Gear, US
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