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BMB (possibly pronounced as "VMV" since these are Cyrillic letters) is the only known alias of a developer based in Russia. They are responsible for various unlicensed Sega Mega Drive. Typically, they go uncredited in their games, but there are enough similarities between their games to be identifiable as a single developer. It's unknown what BMB stands for exactly, but it most likely might be the developer's initials. The first games were published from late 2000s by Simba's Video Games, until early 2010s when publishing was took over by company known as KDS and distribution by K&S.

Their games generally range of homebrew platformers, Battle City clones, ports of games from other platforms such as the NES, or hacks of existing games. Many of their games commonly share several aspects, which include the use of Shiru's VGM Music Maker as a sound driver with music and sound effects stolen from various sources such as UWOL: Quest for Money, Star Fox and sample songs, plagiarised graphics, introductory and ending images composed of static images and text, and violent/gory Continue and Game Over screens that lead the games to internet notoriety.