Amstrad CPC games

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The Amstrad CPC is a range of 8-bit home microcomputers produced by Amstrad, starting in 1984.

The Amstrad CPC arrived comparitively late to the 8-bit home computer market, however at launch it represented value for money and was built to a high standard; designed to be simple to use and more than adequate as a business machine and a means to play video games. Amstrad's decision to bundle a monitor with the system as well as a built-in cassette drive are examples of this thinking, not to mention its wide array of initial software and "real" keyboard.

Amstrad's reputation in the electronics industry also allowed for more capital investment and a greater reach across Europe, ensuring a larger market than many of the CPC's less successful rivals. While never a market leader, the Amstrad CPC built up a healthy consumer base for much of the 1980s, leaving production in 1992 with an estimated 3 million units sold in total.

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