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Clasificado 32X
Format: VHS
Running time: 19:59
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Clasificado 32X is a VHS cassette promoting the Sega 32X in Spain. It came free with an issue of SuperJuegos magazine.

Clasificado 32X acts as both an introduction to the add-on and as a preview of upcoming titles. Despite its name it does not focus exclusively on 32X titles, with almost half the video devoted to Sega Mega Drive , Sega Game Gear and Sega Master System releases.

No in-game audio is heard for the most part - stock music is played alongside Spanish commentaries. Footage of The Lion King contains music clearly recorded in a different playthrough (as the sound effects don't match up with the visuals) and the majority of Sonic & Knuckles footage is sped up for some reason. Advertising is also recycled from the US and UK, though is re-dubbed (bar a Virtua Racing clip which remains in English).

Featured games


Mega Drive

The Game Gear and Master System game Asterix and the Great Rescue is also covered. Virtua Racing (the Model 1 version), Daytona USA and Jurassic Park are also seen extremely briefly.


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