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Death Duel
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: RazorSoft
Sound driver: RazorSoft sound driver
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
$59.9559.95[1] T-56036
Sega Mega Drive

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Death Duel is a 1992 action game for the Sega Mega Drive developed by Punk Development. In the far future, interstellar disputes are resolved by duels to the death. Nine alien races have blocked the Federation's nine flight paths, leaving it unable to operate. The player character must battle against the champion of each race to save the Federation, using his own personal giant robot to battle each champion.


The game takes place from the view of the player's robot, with the player and his opponent always facing each other. Each match takes 90 seconds, and if the opponent is not defeated by the end of that time, the player loses a continue and must restart the duel. The goal of each match is to destroy the opponent by depleting their health bar, using weapons attached to the robot such as cannons, missiles, and machine guns. The player must also dodge projectiles fired by their enemies, while destroying barriers scattered across the battlefield that both the player and the opponent can use for cover.

Specific body parts on both the player and their opponent can be destroyed if they take enough damage. Normally, health will regenerate for both the player and their enemy if they avoid damage for a long enough time, but damaged body parts will add permanent damage onto their life bar that cannot be recovered.

The player has three weapon slots, left, middle, and right, assigned to the A. B, and C buttons, respectively. The left and right shots will fire at an angle, needing a more careful aim to get successful hits on an enemy. Each weapon also has its own ammo count, and when the ammo count is depleted, it can no longer be used in that duel. If the player runs out of ammo for all three weapons, they will lose a try and must restart the duel.

After each match, the player receives money based on how well they did, and move onto a qualifying round they must complete to proceed to the next duel. In the qualifying round, players must fire at creatures to earn extra money, needing to reach a certain amount of money that grows with each qualifying round before a timer expires. If the money goal is not reached in the time limit, the player loses a try and must restart the qualifying round. After every qualifying round, the player is taken to a shop where they can purchase different weapons with their earned money. Each weapon behaves differently, and some opponents are more susceptible to different weapons than others.


D-Pad: Move cursor
A: Fire left weapon
B: Fire middle weapon
C: Fire right weapon
 START : Switch between aim/movement modes

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #27: "October 1991" (1991-xx-xx)
Print advert in GamePro (US) #29: "December 1991" (1991-xx-xx)
also published in:
Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #41: "December 1992" (1992-xx-xx)

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Death Duel

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Death Duel

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