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Endless Zone
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System(s): Steam
Publisher: Sega
Release Date RRP Code
FREEFREE[1] 1368450
FREEFREE[1] 1368450

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Endless Zone was a limited time free game published by Sega for Steam as part of their Go Sega 60th Anniversary campaign. It was removed from sale on 19 October 2020.

The game was brought back to Steam after Sega announced that all of its 60th Anniversary games would be available again for 48 hours from 14 December 2020 to 16 December 2020.[2][3]

A small, fast-paced game inspired by SEGA’s "Fantasy Zone" series. Play through four worlds in frenetic arcade action as you help the hero, Opbot, evade aliens, enemies, and things from another dimension on their way to freedom!

— Steam Store Page[1]

Production credits

  • The Eccentric Ape: Rob Dowling, Kyle Rowley, Mark Rowley, Natalia Rowley, Chris Schnitzerling, Vikram Shingrani, Andrew Westwood
  • General Manager: Romain de Waubert de Genlis
  • Creative Director: Jean-Maxime Moris
  • Chief Financial Officer: Angélique Girard
  • Studio Brand Director: Max von Knorring
  • Studio Art Director: Corinne Billon
  • Narrative Director: Jeffrey Spock
  • Technical Director: Eric Audinet
  • Production Director: Laurent Lemoine
  • Creative Producer: Nicolas Palma
  • Visual Brand Manager: Olivier Moreno
  • Motion Designer: Julien Fouache
Dungeon of the Endless 2D Art
  • 2D Artist: Simon Perin
ES2 2D Art
  • Art Director: Aurelien Rantet
  • Senior 2D Artist: Ronan Berlese
  • 2D Artists: Thomas du Crest, Thibault Girard
ES2 3D Art
  • Technical Art Director: Mathias Gregoire
  • Lead 3D Artist: Stevans Robert
  • 3D Artists: Hugo Barthouil, Salim Bellama, Tiphaine Chazeau, Cedric Monsempo, Hadrien Channac
  • Lead Sound Designer: Benjamin Michenaud
  • Composer: FlyByNo
  • Associate Producer: Quentin Bordes
  • Special Thanks: Amanda Seiffert, Mason Dowling, Lilly Dowling, Debbie Rowley, Kaden Rowley, Niah Rowley, Fynn Schnitzerling, Gina Schnitzerling, Ayansh Shingrani, Vidit Shingrani, Komal Rele, Shazzy
  • Made with Unity
  • ©SEGA. All Rights Reserved.
  • SEGA, the SEGA logo and Endless Zone are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA CORPORATION or its affiliates.
  • SEGA is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.
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Endless Zone

EndlessZone PC Title.png

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