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There exist various Sega Saturn models, which differ from each other to varying degrees.

Perhaps the most well-known difference is that between “Model 1” and “Model 2” Saturns, which are easily distinguishable through the differing designs of their Power and Reset buttons—oval in the former, round in the latter—and also differ internally, chiefly in having different types of CD cable, which can complicate efforts to install a modchip. Moreover, within the broad categories of Model 1 or 2, several types of motherboard exist, with different arrangements of components and paths.

All Sega Saturns are either NTSC or PAL. Within these categories, US and Canadian (NTSC) Saturns are identical, as are European and Australian (PAL) models. There was no SECAM Saturn: the ‘SECAM’ models released in France were simply PAL models with a bundled PAL-to-SECAM converter.

The model number shown represents the model number of the box set, not the model number of the console. For example: Box set model number HST-0001 (printed on the box) includes a gray console with model number HST-3200 (printed on the rear sticker of the console).


Sega Saturn
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