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The Sega Saturn is region-locked, meaning that games can only be played on hardware from the same region. Various factors led to the Saturn being under-supported in the West. Thus, in order to play the plethora of Japanese releases, to play American games in Europe, or vice-versa of either scenario, one requires a region converter.

Saturn region converters are cartridges which plug into the Saturn's cartridge slot. The majority of converters start working as soon as the console is swiched on, i.e. there is no need to swap cartridges and discs to play games (unlike later consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast). Converters come in all shapes and sizes, most notably the Action Replay Plus, which bypasses region locking as well as offering storage space and cheat facilities. But before the Action Replay Plus became the de facto accessory for Saturn collectors, consumers had to make do with a basic region converter, which offered no additional features.

Unlike Mega Drive region converters, it is usually easier for Saturn region converters to enable playing of games from all regions at once, rather than unlocking one specific region. They are, however, similar in the sense that they cannot solve all regional issues. A game programmed for 60 Hz display on NTSC televisions will run slower, at 83.3% of its correct speed, on the 50 Hz televisions used (at least then) in PAL territories, due to the difference in refresh rate. Conversely, a European game running on an NTSC TV will run too fast – that is, if it was correctly adjusted for 50 Hz display during localisation for Europe, which many were not. Finally, and for obvious reasons that do not constitute a flaw in the region converter, games cannot be automatically translated; a converter may enable you to play a Japanese game on your Western Saturn, or vice-versa, but it will not guarantee that you can understand any of its text.

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
CDPlus Saturn Unknown Box Front.jpg
CD+Plus Super UFO (>=1995)
CDPlus Saturn Unknown.jpg

CDPlus Saturn Box Front Blaze.jpg
CD+Plus Blaze (>=1995)
CDPlus Saturn Blaze.jpg

ProUniversalAdapter Saturn Box Front Alt.jpg
Pro Universal Adapter Datel (>=1995)
ProUniversalAdapter Saturn Alt.jpg
ProUniversalAdapter Saturn Alt Back.jpg

ProUniversalAdapter Saturn Box Front.jpg
Pro Universal Adapter Datel (>=1995)
ProUniversalAdapter Saturn.jpg

Game Adapter ? (>=1995)
GameAdapter Saturn.jpg
GameAdapter Saturn Back.jpg

MultiGameAdapter Saturn Box Front.jpg
Multi-Game Adaptor Trend Master (>=1995)
MultiGameAdaptor Saturn.jpg
MultiGameAdaptor Saturn Back.jpg

SegaSatellite Saturn Box Back.jpgNospine.pngSegaSatellite Saturn Box Front.jpg
Sega Satellite EMS (>=1995)
SegaSatellite Saturn.jpg
SegaSatellite Saturn Back.jpg

SSKey Saturn KR Box Back.jpgSSKey Saturn KR Box Spine.jpgSSKey Saturn KR Box Front.jpgSSKey Saturn KR Box Spine2.jpg
S-S Key ?? KR: (>=1995)
SSKey Saturn KR.jpg

STKey Saturn Box Back.jpgNospine.pngSTKey Saturn Box Front.jpg
ST-Key ?? (>=1995)
STKey Saturn.jpg
STKey Saturn Back.jpg

ST-Key ?? (>=1995)
STKey Saturn Alt.jpg

UMSTKey Saturn Box Front.jpg
Ultra Madness ST-Key Madness (>=1995)
UMSTKey Saturn.jpg
UMSTKey Saturn Back.jpg

Ultra Madness 4M Turbo Key (region converter+1MB/4MB RAM) Madness ? (>=1995)
UM 4M Turbo Key Front.jpg
UM 4M Turbo Key Back.jpg

ST-Key+4MB RAM (region converter+1MB/4MB RAM) Madness ? (>=1995)
STKeyPlus4MBRAM Saturn.jpg

8 Meg Direct Access Memory Card Box Back.jpgNospine.png8 Meg Direct Access Memory Card Box Front.jpg
8 Meg Direct Access Memory Card (region converter+1MB memory) Innovation (1997)
8 Meg Direct Access Memory Card Front.jpg
8 Meg Direct Access Memory Card Back.jpg

8MegMemoryCard Saturn Box Back.jpgNospine.png8MegMemoryCard Saturn Box Front.jpg
8 Meg Memory Card (region converter+1MB memory) Joytech (>=1995)
8MegMemoryCard Saturn.jpg

MemoryCardPlus Saturn Box Back Performance.jpgNospine.pngMemoryCardPlus Saturn Box Front Performance.jpg
Memory Card Plus (region converter+1MB memory) Performance (1997)
MemoryCardPlus Saturn Performance.jpg
MemoryCardPlus Saturn Performance Back.jpg

MemoryCardPlus Saturn Manual Performance.pdf
MemoryCardPlus Saturn Alt Box Back Performance.jpgNospine.pngMemoryCardPlus Saturn Alt Box Front Performance.jpg
Memory Card Plus alt (region converter+1MB memory) Performance (1997)
MemoryCardPlus Saturn Performance.jpg
MemoryCardPlus Saturn Performance Back.jpg

MemoryCardPlus Saturn Manual Performance.pdf
Ultimate Game Memory Card (region converter+memory card) ? (>=1995)
Saturn Ultimate Game Memory Card Front.jpg
Saturn Ultimate Game Memory Card Back.jpg
Saturn Ultimate Game Memory Card Top.jpg

MagicCardV2 Saturn Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngMagicCardV2 Saturn Box Front.jpg
Magic Card V2 (swap trick enabler+region converter) ? ? (>=1995)
MagicCardV2 Saturn.jpg
MagicCardV2 Saturn Back.jpg
MagicCardV2 Saturn disc.jpg

Mega Converter (only packaged with Samsung Saturn consoles) HiCom ? (>=1995)
Samsung Saturn Mega Converter Front.jpg
Samsung Saturn Mega Converter Back.jpg


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