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Taisen Cable
Made for: Sega Saturn
Manufacturer: Sega
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥2,0002,000 HSS-0107

The Taisen Cable (対戦ケーブル) is device which allows two Sega Saturns to connect to each other. It can be seen as a console equivalent to a local area network (LAN) setup usually found with computers, where systems are all linked together within a small area. The official Sega-branded Taisen Cable was only released in Japan, however third-party alternatives were released in other territories and a number of non-Japanese games support the device.

The Taisen Cable and its derivatives perhaps had more of a use in store displays and gaming events rather than in the home. Despite acting as a physical connection between two Saturn consoles, each console requires its own television and its own copy of a compatible game in order to play. Only a few games were released with Taisen Cable compatibility, though many try to hide this fact, or have difficulty working with third-party variants of the cable.

Today physical links such as these have largely been replaced with online services, though this can produce latency and affect the quality of your game. Modern consoles can still be connected together through similar methods to the Taisen Cable.

Compatible games



  • Doom
  • Hexen (accessed through debug menu, very buggy)

North America

  • Hexen (accessed through debug menu, very buggy)

Physical scans

Saturn, JP
Saturn HSS-0107 box-1.jpg
Saturn, JP (newer)
Saturn HSS-0107 box-2.jpg

External links

  • Sega of Japan catalogue pages (Japanese): Saturn


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