Hiroshi Nishiyama

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Hiroshi Nishiyama
Place of birth: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Employment history:
Role(s): Artist
Education: Tokyo University of the Arts (1995)

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Hiroshi Nishiyama (西山 洋) is a designer and art director. In 1999, he moved to Sega of America (Sonic Team USA), where he worked on the development of the Sonic series as a lead environment artist. After working for several game companies, he returned to Japan for family reasons, and in 2014, he returned to Sega of America to work in the US again. After working on mobile game development, he moved to Sega of America (Sonic Pillar) in Los Angeles as an Art Director in March 2019, where he is in charge of art direction for Sonic content, including game development, merchandising, and animation.

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