Iron Hammer

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Iron Hammer
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Developer: NovaLogic
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
Status of prototype(s): Found, Undumped
Peripheral(s): Sega VR

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Iron Hammer is an unreleased Sega Mega Drive tank combat game for use with the Sega VR headset, developed by NovaLogic[1][2] and slated to be published by Sega. The game plays similarly to the developer’s later Sega Saturn title Black Fire.


The game features high-speed tank combat gameplay along a flat plane, similar to helicopter games like AH-3 Thunderstrike. Piloting an attack aircraft through thirty levels of alien combat, players are assisted by the digitized speech of their co-pilot as they traverse a variety of battlefields.[3]

Iron Hammer features the ability to play with or without Sega VR hardware.[4]


In May 2008, Nicola Ferrarese of the website Games Collection showed a functioning prototype of the game at VGH 2008, a small video game exposition in Monza, Italy.[5] Sometime around 2012 it was again reported to have been playable at an unknown location.[4]

In 2019, composer David Javelosa posted a YouTube video containing the tracks he composed for Iron Hammer, and also implied he may have a cartridge of the game, but that he "probably won't be ripping and dumping ROMs anytime soon" due to possible ownership issues between NovaLogic, Sega of America, and various other parties involved in development.[6]

The game currently remains undumped.


probably won't be ripping and dumping ROMs anytime soon. Very complicated ownership situations; multiple composers involved; as well as publisher issues. I'm just posting tracks that I did.

Composer David Javelosa[6]

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1993 Sega of America trade catalogue.


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