Masaharu Yoshii

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Masaharu Yoshii
Place of birth: Tomioka, Fukushima, Japan
Company(ies): Sega of Japan, Sega of America, Sega Technical Institute, Sega CS
Role(s): Executive, Director, Programmer
Education: Chitosegaoka High School, Nihon University (Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Science; 1970)

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Masaharu Yoshii (吉井 正晴) is a Japanese businessman and former Sega executive, most known as Director of Sega Technical Institute and Senior Business Manager of Sega CS. He has been described as one of first 10 or so people to join Sega, following the merger between Rosen Enterprises and Nihon Goraku Bussan.[1]


Masaharu Yoshii joined Sega of Japan in April 1970, and stayed working within the company until his departure in May 2000. He soon joined CRI Middleware in 2001, and would remain there until 2010.

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