Mega Bomberman (Special 8-Player Demo)

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Mega Bomberman (Special 8-Player Demo)
System: Sega Mega Drive
Build date: 1994

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The Mega Bomberman: Special 8-Player Demo is a technical demo produced by Factor 5 as a pitch to Hudson Soft for the development of Mega Bomberman.


The demo features eight human-controllable Bombermen (requiring the use of two Team Player adapters to move all eight) in a typical Bomberman multiplayer match. A plants a bomb, and there are multiple item types, with the implied objective of blowing up your seven opponents. While functional, this prototype doesn't enforce many rules - there is no time limit and the game doesn't end when everyone is killed - it is up to the user to reset the console for a new match.

While technically a prototype of Mega Bomberman, Hudson Soft chose not to work with Factor 5, meaning none of code or assets from this demo made it into the final game. The final Mega Bomberman game only features four-player multiplayer, although there are more items, stages and gameplay modes, and you can customise the look of your Bomberman character.

Had eight players been supported in Mega Bomberman, it would have catered for more players than any other Bomberman game released at the time (PC Engine and Super Nintendo variants supporting up to five). A special ten-player variant, Hi-Ten Bomberman, had been demonstrated by Hudson Soft in Summer 1993 in Japan, however it never made it to commercial release, running on custom-produced hardware to showcase widescreen HD displays. It would take until Saturn Bomberman in 1996 for ten player Bomberman to be realised in the home.

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