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System(s): Sega Dreamcast
Publisher: Sega
Supporting companies:
Licensor: NFL Properties, National Football League Players Association
Peripherals supported: Jump Pack, Dreamcast Keyboard, Dreamcast Modem, Visual Memory Unit, Dreamcast VGA Box
Genre: Super Real Sports (スーパーリアルスポーツ)[1][2], Sports[3] (American football)

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Dreamcast
¥5,800 (6,090)5,800e[2] HDR-0144
Sega Rating: All Ages
Sega Dreamcast
$49.9949.99[5] 51062
ESRB: Everyone
Sega Dreamcast
(Sega All Stars)

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NFL 2K1 is an American football game released as part of the 2K series of games. It was released exclusively on the Sega Dreamcast and is a sequel to NFL 2K. In Japan, a limited edition version titled NFL 2K1 Bible was released which came with a poster.

In North America, NFL 2K1 debuted on the same day as the SegaNet service launched, 7 September 2000[6].



  • San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
  • Chicago Bears Chicago Bears
  • Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals
  • Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills
  • Denver Broncos Denver Broncos
  • Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals
  • San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers
  • Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
  • Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
  • Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys
  • Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
  • Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles
  • Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons
  • New York Giants New York Giants
  • Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New York Jets New York Jets
  • Detroit Lions Detroit Lions
  • Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
  • Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers
  • New England Patriots New England Patriots
  • Los Angeles Raiders Los Angeles Raiders
  • St. Louis Rams St. Louis Rams
  • Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
  • Washington Redskins Washington Redskins
  • New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints
  • Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans
  • Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings
  • FW Alumni
  • GP Alumni
  • MW Alumni
  • NE Alumni
  • SE Alumni
  • SW Alumni



In the US, NFL 2K1 out-sold the PlayStation 2 release of Madden NFL 2001 during the first two weeks of sale, selling 139,000 units (versus 126,000) in its first week, and 208,000 (versus 159,000) by the end of week two[7]. 410,000 units had been sold by the first week of November 2000[7].

The games servers where shut down in the early 2000's when SegaNet shut down, however fans are currently working on brining the game back online sometime in 2018[8]

The game is also the highest scored Sega game on Metacritic[9].

Production credits

  • Lead Engineers: Tim Walter, Chris Larson
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineers: Shawn Lee, Mark Horsley
  • Engineers: Matt Hamre, Nick Jones, Mark Roberts, Gary Arnold, Alex Lee, Bob Alexander, Scott Patterson, Tim Meekins, Matt Underwood, Andrew Marrinson
  • Library Engineers: Chuck Batson, Ivar Olsen
  • Tool Engineers: Joshua Lee, Brian Hughes
  • Artists: Fred Wong, David Lee, Joel Flory, Quinn Kaneko, Leandro Penaloza, Hsing-Wen Hsu, Joyce Rietveld, Steve Paris, Nelson Wang, Roy Tse, Matt Crysdale
  • Audio Director: Brian Luzietti
  • Sound Designer: Larry Peacock
  • Dialog Editor: J. Mateo Baker
  • Motion Capture Director: Matt Karnes
  • Motion Capture: Luc Lagarde, Rich Nelson
  • Executive Producer: Greg Thomas
  • Project Manager: Jeff Thomas
  • Assistant Project Manager: Rustin Lee
  • Production: Abe Navarro, Matt Underwood, Jeremy Tiner, Lorne Asuncion, David Perkinson
  • Quality Assurance: Joe Gora, Donell Williams
  • Motion Capture Talent: Randy Moss, Tyrone Wheatley, Sean Dawkins, Todd Lyght, Gerard Williams, Larry Williams, David Nash, Ken Shelton, Tom Brady, Joe Gora, Shawn Lee
  • Audio Script Writing: Rob Thomas
  • Audio Script Consultant: Alan Luzietti
  • Voice Over: Terry McGovern as Dan Stevens, Jay Styne as Peter O'Keefe, Elaine Clark - as Michelle Weshphal, Doug Dull - as the PA Announcer, Tim White - as the Referee
  • Player Voices: Brian "Street Frog" Grenier, Rockne "Rock" Tarkington, Jason Gaines, Brian Shute, Nick Navos, Nick Doplemore, Kirk Sanderson, Joe Horde, Joe Stofle, with thanks to: The Solano Commuity College Football Department
  • Recording Studio: Conscious Sound Studios, Benjamin Grant DePauw
  • Special Consultant: Marty Mornhinweg - San Francisco 49ers
  • Playbook Design: The Coach's Edge
  • Additional Statistical Support: Stats Inc.
  • Special Thanks: Andrew Leker, Alvin Cardona, Wayne Herman, Jenn Baker, Richard Yee, House of Moves, The Solano Commuity College Football Department
  • Director of Sports Marketing: Martha Hill
  • Product Manager: Stacey Kerr
  • Sports Marketing Coordinator: Cheryl Williams
  • Lead Tester: Ed Brady
  • Assistant Lead Testers: Richard Allard, Joey Edwards, BJ Enriquez, Jeff Sideno
  • Testers: Joseph Amper, Jude Baldo, Aldric Baquiran, Steven Campbell, Stefan Conde, Daniel Chang, J. Duclayan, Antonio Eco, Berjes Enriquez, Kurt Ermshar, Jerome Fernandez, Brent Fillmore, Benjie Galvez, Mark Gonzalez, Alan Hsu, Stephen Hsu, Nick Jaochico, Raymond Kwan, Chester Lee, Eric Ling, Michael Lowe, Jason Mercer, Brian Miller, Steve Peck, Henry Perez, Pedro Ponce, Paul Proner, Matt Rice, Kenny "Quick" Robinson, Jonas Robledo, Mark Sideno, Todd Slepian, John Stark, Ryan Stern, Jacob True, JR Villatuya, Derek Wong
  • NFL Properties: Gene Goldberg, Gregg Sauter, Tim Langley, Paul Spinelli
  • Players Inc.: Doug Allen, LaShun Lawson, Seth Wyman, Howard Skall
  • Player Headshots and Stadium Reference Material: © NFL Photos
US manual
NFL2K1 DC US Manual.pdf

Magazine articles

Main article: NFL 2K1/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Print advert in GamePro (US) #145: "October 2000" (2000-xx-xx)
also published in:

Physical scans

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Famitsu (JP) NTSC-J
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GamePro (US) NTSC-U
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Mega Fun (DE) NTSC-U
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Dreamcast, JP
NFL2K1 DC JP pack back.jpgNospine-small.pngNFL2K1 DC JP pack front.jpg
NFL2K1 DC JP Disc.jpg
NFL2K1 DC JP Box Front.jpg
Jewel Case
Dreamcast, US
NFL2K1 DC US Box Back.jpgNFL2K1 DC US Box Front.jpg
NFL2K1 DC US Disc.jpg
NFL2K1 DC US Manual.pdf
Dreamcast, US (Sega All Stars)

Technical information

Main article: NFL 2K1/Technical information.

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Dreamcast
1,188,776,064 2000-08-31 GD-ROM (US) 51062 V1.003 (Original, Bundled with DC, Sega All Stars)
Sega Dreamcast
1,189,846,224 2001-02-15 GD-ROM (JP) HDR-0144 V1.000
Sega Dreamcast
2000-05-09 GD-R Page
Sega Dreamcast
2000-08-29 GD-R Page

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NFL2K1 title.png

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