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Radio DC
Format(s): CD
Record label: Marvelous Entertainment, Wave Master
Distributor: Avex Distribution (Rerelease)
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥3,1503,150 MJCA-00050
Compact Disc
¥2,800 (2,940)2,800 (2,940)[2] WWCE-31038

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Radio DC is an album containing music from various Sega games. Originally released by Marvelous Entertainment, it was re-issued in 2004 by Wave Master.

Track list

1. NA-1 (0:31) 
2. Reprise & Deeply Sound Mix "We Are Burning Rangers" (5:20) 
From: Burning Rangers
3. NA-2 (0:56) 
4. Sonic - You Can Do Anything ~Remix from Little Planet~ (4:36) 
From: Sonic the Hedgehog CD
5. NA-3 (0:18) 
6. Do De Do Da (4:52) 
From: Ristar
7. NA-4 (0:23) 
8. Switch Again (4:25) 
From: Switch
9. NA-5 (2:31) 
10. Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu (Re-Arranged) (4:58) 
From: Panzer Dragoon Saga
11. A Lullaby (4:41) 
From: Clockwork Knight
12. NA-6 (0:04) 
13. After the Adventure... (3:55) 
From: Sonic Adventure, NiGHTS
14. Theme from Phantasy Star III (8:30) 
From: Phantasy Star III
15. NA-7 (0:28) 
Running time: 46:28

Production credits

  • DJ & Music Navigator: Katsuya Kobayashi
Back cover
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Physical scans

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CD, JP (rerelease)
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