Sega Saturn History: Saturn ga Seishundatta Joukan

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Sega Saturn History: Saturn ga Seishundatta Joukan
Format(s): CD
Publisher: Wave Master
Record label: Wave Master Entertainment
Distributor: Avex Distribution
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥3,200 (3,360)3,200 (3,360)[2] WWCE-31052~3

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Sega Saturn History: Saturn ga Seishundatta Joukan (セガサターン ヒストリー~サターンが青春だった~上巻) is the first of two Sega Saturn History albums containing music from various Sega Saturn games.

Track list

Disc 1

1. Sega Saturn Start Screen (0:09)
2. Game Start (2:55)
From: Virtua Fighter
3. Evolution (0:54)
From: Virtua Fighter
4. Chase the Wind (1:53)
From: Victory Goal
5. BGM 01 (3:01)
From: Gotha: Ismailia Seneki
6. Main Title (3:09)
Japan メインタイトル
From: Panzer Dragoon
7. Teito Enjou (3:47)
Japan 帝都炎上
EN: The Imperial District Goes Up in Flames
From: Panzer Dragoon
8. Rolling Start (4:58)
From: Daytona USA
9. Let's Go Away (4:18)
From: Daytona USA
10. Let Me Try Again (4:45)
From: Astal
11. Knight Gear (2:29)
From: Gran Chaser
12. BGM 01 (0:37)
From: Shin Shinobi Den
13. Opening (1:52)
Japan オープニング
From: Riglord Saga
14. Happiness is Always Around You (4:36)
From: Clockwork Knight
15. A Lullaby (4:42)
From: Clockwork Knight
16. Mirai e... (3:12)
Japan 未来へ・・・
EN: Towards the Future...
From: Magic Knight Rayearth
17. Sakusen Gamen (3:07)
Japan 作戦画面
EN: Operations Screen
From: Iron Storm
18. BGM 01 (1:06)
From: Golden Axe: The Duel
Running time: 51:30

Disc 2

1. BGM 01 (6:38)
From: Hang-On GP '95
2. BGM 01 (2:31)
From: Baku Baku Animal
3. Arms Black Market (4:11)
From: Virtua Cop
4. Kobushi Teki Tetsujin (2:52)
Japan 拳的鉄人
EN: Man of the Fist
From: Virtua Cop 2
5. Ignition (1:09)
From: Sega Rally Championship
6. Open Your Heart (2:18)
From: Guardian Heroes
7. Phobos Stage (Mexico) (2:01)
From: Vampire Hunter
8. Owari to Hajimari (3:09)
Japan 終わりと始まり
EN: The End and the Beginning
From: J.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou!
9. Theme of Gungriffon (2:54)
From: Gungriffon
10. Green Forest (2:48)
From: Linkle Liver Story
11. Kizuna (0:53)
EN: Bonds
From: Panzer Dragoon Zwei
12. Lagi to Lundi: Zwei no Theme (5:02)
Japan ラギとランディ 〜ツヴァイのテーマ〜
EN: Lagi and Lundi: Theme of Zwei
From: Panzer Dragoon Zwei
13. Dragon Force Opening Theme "Yuuki" (4:33)
Japan ドラゴンフォース オープニングテーマ「勇気」
EN: Dragon Force Opening Theme "Bravery"
From: Dragon Force
14. Victory Goal '96: Ending Theme "Iku Sen no Yoru o Koe te" (5:52)
Japan VICTORY GOAL '96 : ending theme 「幾千の夜を越えて」
EN: Victory Goal '96: Ending Theme "Overcoming a Thousand Nights"
From: Victory Goal '96
15. Try!!! (The Biggest Game of the World) (4:00)
From: Victory Goal Worldwide Edition
16. Victory Goal '97 (4:55)
From: Victory Goal '97
17. Dreams Dreams (5:44)
From: NiGHTS
Running time: 61:30

Production credits

Wavemaster Entertainment Label Staff
  • Executive Producer: Fumitaka Shibata
  • Special Coordinator: Yukifumi Makino
  • Promoter: Yasuyuki Tsukamoto, Sachiko Ochi, Tomomi Kiyono (SEGA)
  • Sales Promoter: Yuma Tsukura (avex distribution)

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Disc 1
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Disc 2

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