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System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: FASA Corporation
Sound driver: GEMS
Genre: RPG[1]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
$54.9954.99[2] 1352
Videogame Rating Council: MA-13
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive

Shadowrun for the Sega Mega Drive is a top-down RPG/action game based on the tabletop role-playing game of the same name. Aside from sharing the same source material, it is entirely unrelated to the Sega Mega-CD game.


The story takes place in Seattle. Joshua, a Shoadowrunner, (term used to describe people who can solve problems for a price, such as mercenaries, spies or fixers) uses the last remaining nuyens in his wallet to travel to the city after he witnesses the death of his brother Michael in a news video. While trying to track down his brother's murderers, Joshua discovers a massive conspiracy that could potentially destroy the city.

Compared to the SNES version, the Mega Drive version of Shadowrun is considered by many as true representation of the table top PnP game due to its focus on the life of a shadowrunner and much more non-linear gameplay.


Shadowrun is a top-down RPG with shooting mechanics. While not exactly a true sandbox game, (like the ones we see today) game consists of large areas connected each other. Many non-playable characters exist in the game, allowing the player to converse with them in order to advance the story, conduct transactions and learn about the world they are witnessing while they are playing.

Players can take jobs from "Mr. Johnson"s (Shadowrun slang for brokers who give jobs to shadowrunners). These jobs are generally randomly created and difficulty is dependent on the person who is giving it, ranging from simple courier jobs to extremely tough extraction or acquisition jobs.

Completing missions will award player "Karma Points", basicly skill points without level up system. These karma points can be used to increase a particular skill when resting in hotels.

Money can be used to purchase weapons, armor, items, magic and cyberware.

"The Matrix" is Shadowrun version of cyberspace, in which players can hack into systems and acquire information, money or other files that can be sold for nuyen.

In addition to weapons, magic can be used for attacking enemies or giving various bonuses to the player.

A recruitment mechanics exists to hire other characters. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, a Shadowrunner can remain for just one job or for long run until you fire them or they are incapacitated during combat.


At the beginning of the game, players can pick any of the three classes. While it is technically possible to created a multi-class character, it is generally advisable to focus on one path (combat, hacking or magic) and stick to it.


Street Samurai is a combat oriented character. He starts the game with several combat related cyberware, better weapons and health. Samurai is the only character in the game to gain karma points by killing enemies which allows easier development. Since a Samurai will not have to worry about magic, he can completely wire himself with cybernetics if he wants to.


Shadowrun version of a hacker, Decker starts with equipment and cyberware allows him to dive into the matrix and acquire valuable information that can sold for credits. His combat abilities will be weak throught the game however (if he focuses solely on hacking skills) and he has to rely on other shadowrunners to survive.


Gator Shaman
Gator Shaman (not to be confused with Mage, which is a completely different class in Shadowrun universe) taps into his deity's power to bring his magic skills into combat. Shaman must carry his totem with him at all times, which means one less item slot. Shaman must also stay away from cyberaware. A stat called "Essence" is necessary for successfully casting magic and this stat drops permamently if cyberwares are installed.


Attributes and skills can be upgraded using "Karma" points which are acquired after completing missions, runs or killing enemies. Attributes require the same amount of karma points to upgrade to the desired level. For example, increasing Body from 5 to 6 requires 6 karma points. Players must stat at a hotel to spend karma points.

  • Body: Health points for the characters. Works in both combat and matrix. Must be maxed if possible.
  • Quickness: Movement speed and attack speed. Very important for flanking or keeping distance from enemies.
  • Strenght: Melee damage and grenade accuracy.
  • Charisma: Fast-talking other characters and lowering hiring costs for the other shadowrunners. Very important for Corp-runs.
  • Intelligence: Attack speed and accuracy in both combat and cybercombat.
  • Willpower: Reduces mana drain from spells and mana spells. Also increases attack speed. Max out for magic user characters.
  • Essence: How "fleshy" the character is. Affects magical healing. Cannot be increased. Starts at 6 and lowers everytime you install a cyberware. If you are a magic user keep it at max and stay away from cyberware.
  • Magic: Affects the level of spells can be learned. Reduces evertime a cyberware installed. Keep it at 6 for magic-users.


Skills also increase abilities with a focus on a particular field. Maximum rank for a skill is 12. Unlike attributes, increasing a skill requires double karma points for the desired level. For example, increasing a skill from level 11 to level 12 requires 24 karma points.

  • Sorcery: Increases damage and defence with magic. Max out for magic users.
  • Firearms: Increases skills for all weapon types.
  • Pistols: Increases skills for pistols but costs only half karma points.
  • SMGs: See above.
  • Shotguns: See above.
  • Melee Combat: Increases damage with empty hand or melee cyberware weapons.
  • Throwing: Damage and accuracy with grenades.
  • Computer: Attack and defence in matrix. Max out for Deckers or Samurais.
  • Biotech: Increases healing when a medkit is used.
  • Electronics: Affects success rate when using a Maglock Passkey on Maglocks.
  • Reputation: Your overall infamy. High reputation can get you into places you wouldn't normally allowed or forced to pay to get in. Only Joshua's reputation affects anything.
  • Negotiation: Affects buying-selling prices and getting more money for completing runs. At least one characters, preferably Joshua should max this out.


Weapons, accessories, items, armor and magic can be purchased or sold in shops around the Seattle. Negotiation skill affects the overall price.

For weapons, Damage means damage to enemies while power means gun's stunning power.

Keep in mind that, several items are considered "ILLEGAL" in the game. Meaning that, if you are stopped by a Lone-Star patrol (Private police forces in Seattle) and do not have a permit, you can be arrested and forced to pay a hefty fine. All Shotguns, Submachineguns, Grenades, some armors and items are considered illegal.


  • American L36: Cheapest gun. Light damage, light power. 11 rounds. 350 N.
  • Model 101T: Joshua starts the game with this. Same as above except 12 rounds. 350 N.
  • Warhawk: Medium damage, brutal power. 6 rounds. Pretty good. 500 N.
  • Max-Power: Medium damage, high power. 10 rounds. 585 N.
  • Predator: Same as Max-Power but carries 15 rounds. 675 N.
  • Security 500: Light damage, light power. 25 rounds. 675 N.


  • Mach 22: Medium damage, light power. 24 rounds. 1600 N.
  • AK-97: Same as Mach 22 but carries 30 rounds. 2000 N.
  • HK227-S: Med damage, med power. 28 rounds. 4500 N.


  • Roomsweeper: High damage, high power. 8 rounds. 2000 N.
  • Allegiance: High damage, brutal power. 5 rounds. 2800 N.


  • Concussion Grenade: Medium damage, brutal power. 180 N.
  • Scatter Grenade: High damage, light power. 360 N.
  • Frag Grenade: High damage, high power. 600 N.

Firearm Accessories

All firearms, except shotguns can be modified with these accessories.

  • Smartgun System: If you have smartlink or smart goggles cyberware, this will increase your accuracy. 800 N.
  • Silencer: Pistols only. Muffles the shot fired by the weapon. Firing an unsuppressed weapon will raise the alarms inside a building. 500 N.
  • Sound Suppressor: Same as above except this is for SMGs. 1500 N.
  • Laser Sight: Increases accuracy, though effect is lower than Smartgun system. 500 N.
  • Gas Vent: SMGs only. Increases accuracy. 900 N.
  • Gas Vent II: Same as above but better results. 1500 N.


All armor has melee protection and gun protection rating.

  • Armor Vest: Joshua starts with this. Poor melee, low gun protection. 200 N.
  • Armor Clothing: Low gun, poor melee protection. 500 N.
  • Vest with Plates: Fair melee, good gun protection. 600 N.
  • Lined Duster: Can hide your weapons when you are stopped by Lone Star. Low melee, good gun protection. 700 N.
  • Armor Jacket: Fair melee, great gun protection. 1080 N.
  • Light Combat Armor: Great melee, excellent gun protection. Illegal. 10000 N.
  • Heavy Combat Armor: Can only be acquired if Joshua sides with Yakuza during the events of the game. Sold by Agira Tatsumi. Illegal. 30000 N.


These cybernetic enhancements will reduce your Essence rating depending on how invasive they are. Magic users must stay clear of these.

  • Datajack: A small interface system at the base of the neck with a cord for interfacing computers. Allows a character to use cyberdeck and enter matrix. Costs 0.2 essence. 400 N.
  • Cybereyes: Replaces eyes with cybernetic ones. User can see invisible enemies. 0.2 essence. 1800 N.
  • Hand Razors: Small blades that come under the fingernails. Increases melee damage and also switches melee stun damage with lethal damage. 0.1 essence. 1000 N.
  • Spurs: Blades that come from the knuckles. Better than hand razors. 0.2 essence (0.1 if you already have Hand Razors.) 3600 N.
  • Smart Link: Feeds targeting data directly to user's retina, allowing pinpoint accuracy. Increases accuracy with firearms. 0.5 essence. 1500 N.
  • Muscle Replacement: Replaces organic muscles with artifical ones. Gives +1 Body and Quickness. Can be installed three times. 1 essence a piece. 9000 N.
  • Dermal Plating: Hardens the bones with a metal under-skin carapace. +1 to Body. Can be installed three times. 0.5 essence a piece. 2800 N.
  • Wired Reflexes: Replaces organic nervous system with fiber optics. Increases attack speed with both firearms and melee. 2 essence. 20000 N.


  • Electronic Kit: Increases chances of opening a Maglock. Illegal. 1000 N.
  • Maglock Passkey: Opens maglocks with ratings equal or lower than their own. Illegal. Different ratings exist. 20000-30000 N.
  • Medkit: Recovers health based on the biotech skill. 200-400 N.
  • Smart Goggles: Can use Smartgun System without the Smartlink. 3000 N.
  • Stim Patch: Increases mental health by 20%. 210 N.
  • Trauma Patch: Increases physical health by 20%. 210 N.
  • Universal Gun Clips: Can be used for any firearm. 25 N.


Spells can only be unleashed by Shaman or Mage classes. Magic damage is affected by the level of magic, Sorcery skill and posture. Price of the magic changes according to level of the spell.

  • Mana Zap: Shaman Joshua starts with this. Low damage.
  • Flame Dart: Same as Mana Zap except different animation.
  • Mana Blast: Medium damage and power.
  • Flame Bolt: Powerful fire attack. Useful as long as enemy is not fire-proof.
  • Mana Storm: Powerful magic attack. Can hit allies as well. Very damaging but also drains a lot.
  • Hellblast: Same as Mana Storm except even more powerful and dangerous.
  • Barrier: Creates a magic barrier that prevents passage. Useful against melee opponents.
  • Super Barrier: Same as above except this one blocks both enemies and bullets.
  • Rockskin: Increases defence.
  • Heal Wounds: Heals damage.
  • Invisibility: Makes the target invisible to naked eye. Crucial for Corp-Runs.
  • Sleep: Causes mental damage and knocks enemies unconscious.
  • Confusion: Distracts all enemies in the target area.
  • Stink: All enemies around you will run away.

Magic Items

Magic items provide bonuses to your spells and other abilities.

  • Combat Sense Spell Lock: Increases combat ability of the user. Ratings between 2-4 are avaiable.
  • Fetish: Absorbs or lowers mental drain from using spells.
  • Protection Talisman: Reduces all types of damage. Ratings between 2-4 are avaiable.
  • Spell Focus: Increases effectiveness of the selected spell. Ratings vary.
  • Power Focus: Increases effectiveness of all spells. Ratings 2 and 4 are avaiable.

Key Items

These items are acquired through the story or from contacts and other NPCs. They do not require item space.

  • Eye-Fiver Ear Cuff: Eye-Fivers will usually leave you alone in the Penumbra. Can be acquired from Mauler in the Penumbra.
  • Halloweneer Patch: Halloweneers will usually leave you alone in the Redmond Barrens. Can be acquired from Ratspike in the same area.
  • Indian Lands Visa: Cab drivers will drive you to Salish-Shidhe. Can be acquired from Council Island.
  • Ork Armband: Orks will usually leave you alone in the Puyallup Barrens and makes cab rides free. Can be bought from Roadrash in the same area.
  • Prototype Cyber-Heart: An item needed to save Stark, a secret NPC.
  • Security Pass: Corp Secruity troops will leave you alone inside the buildings. Not always dependable.
  • Weapon Permit: Lone-Star will not arrest you for carrying illegal items if you have this item with you.


Decks are necessary for entering matrix. All cyberdecks' Memory, Storage and Loading attributes can be upgraded. For detailed information about The Matrix, see separate entry.

Allegiance Alpha
Can be acquired from Michael's room in the Stoker's Coffin Hotel in Redmond Barrens.
  • MPCP: 3
  • Memory: 30 (Max: 120)
  • Storage: 100 (Max: 250)
  • Loading: 10 (Max: 30)
Cyber Shack PCD-500
  • Hardening: 1
  • MPCP: 4
  • Memory: 50 (Max: 160)
  • Storage: 100 (Max: 325)
  • Loading: 20 (Max: 40)
Fuchi Cyber-5
  • Hardening: 2
  • Response: 1
  • MPCP: 6
  • Memory: 100 (Max: 240)
  • Storage: 500
  • Load: 20 (Max: 60)
  • Hardening: 3
  • Response: 1
  • MPCP: 8
  • Memory: 200 (Max: 320)
  • Storage: 500 (Max: 650)
  • Loading: 50 (Max: 80)
Fuchi Cyber-7
  • Hardening: 4
  • Response: 2
  • MPCP: 10
  • Memory: 300 (Max: 400)
  • Storage: 1000
  • Loading: 50 (Max: 100)
Fairlight Excalibur
  • Hardening: 5
  • Response: 3
  • MPCP: 12
  • Memory: 500
  • Storage: 1000
  • Loading: 100 (Max: 120)

Cybercombat Programs

These programs are used in the Matrix. Just like spells they can be upgraded but more advanced and higher level programs will require more storage space in the cyberdeck.

  • Analyze: Reveals the type, level of ICE targeted. If fails, ICE will attack.
  • Attack: Default program for attacking hostile ICE nodes.
  • Deception: If works, defeats ICE instantly.
  • Degrade: Lowers the defences of the ICE, making it an easy target. Can only be acquired from Contacts.
  • Medic: Recovers health.
  • Mirrors: Reduces hit rate of ICE attacks.
  • Rebound: Reflects attacks back to ICE. Can only be acquired from Contacts.
  • Relocate: Destroys Trace IC when activated.
  • Shield: Increases defence against ICE attacks.
  • Sleaze: If succeeds, you can bypass the ICE without alerting it.
  • Slow: Lowers the attack speed or alerts caused by ICE. No effect on Trace IC.
  • Smoke: Lowers success rate for both the ICE and you. Not very useful.


Contacts are special individuals you can communicate through phones. If you can afford their services, they can provide expensive but powerful items and other valuables that can aid your game. Most contacts can be acquired from other contacts and Johnsons.

  • Agira Tetsumi: Leader of the Yakuza clan in the Seattle. You need to pay 10000 to Ratspike in Redmond Barrens and have a Reputation of 5 to be able to talk to him. He will not talk to you if you join Mafia. Offers discount at Little Chiba at Redmond Barrens if you join Yakuza. Sells Heavy Combat Armor for 30000 and Level 4 Power Focus for 80000.
  • Alesandro Hobbs: Ex-cat burglar who dabbles in demonology(?). His number can be purchased from Mortimer Reed in the Penumbra District for 1500. A very useful contact. Provides information on supernatural creatures for free. Can provide a Level 3 or Level 5 Maglock passkey for 10000/20000. Provides contact info for Sergeant Macklemann for 8000.
  • Capt. Quinton James: War Veteran-turned-outlaw. Only person to ever have escaped from Hollywood High-Security Correctional Facility. Be sure to be respectful to him when talking. Contact info can be acquired from Julius Strouther in Downtown Seattle for 1000. Information on Hollywood Correctional Facility for Free. Sells Frag Grenade for 400, HK227-s for 1000 and Sharkey's contact number for 2800.
  • Gregory Wilns: Corporate Secuiry Mage. Number can be acquired from Prof. Jefferson for 2000. Information on Corp security. Level 4 Power Focus for 50000. Discount at Merlin's Lore in Renraku Archology for 4000.
  • Henry J. Culver: Corrupt bureaucrat working for the city hall. Number can be acquired from the leader of the Ork gang in the Puyallup Barrens. Can delete crime record for 2500, provide access to Hollywood Correctional Facility for 1500, provide Weapon Permit for 8000.
  • Kipp David: Freelance Decker. Number can be acquired from Caleb Brightmore in Downtown Seattle. A must have contact for Matrix runners. Can provide information on Corporate Matrix systems. Offers Level 6 Rebound and Level 6 Degrade for 30000 each. Also sells Excalibur Cyberdeck for 185000.
  • Max: A rigger (an archetype who uses remote controlled drones in combat) who provides weapons and Maglock keys. Number can be acquired from Vigore and Jarl in the Puyallup Barrens. Very useful for Corp runs. Can provide Corp Security Badges for 6000, HK227-S for 1500, AK-97 for 2000, Level 4/5 Maglock Passkeys for 30000/42000.
  • Mr. Faradouchi: Leader of the Mafia in Seattle. Number can be acquired from leader of the Eye-Fivers in Penumbra District for 10000 and Reputation must be at least 5. Will not talk to you if you join Yakuza. Offer free stay at Wylie's Gala Inn in Penumbra District, discount at Crime Mall in Puyallup Barrens and immunity from Lone Star if you join.
  • Prof. Jefferson: A university scholar specializing in magic. Number can be acquired from Trent for free. Provides information on paranormal creatures for free. Offers discount at Riannon's Magic Shop in the Puyallup Barrens for 1500 and Gregory Wilns contact number for 2000.
  • Sgt. Chillicut: A corrupt Lone-Star (is there any other kind?) detective. Number can be acquired from Caleb Brightmore in the Downtown Seattle for 2000. Provides same services as Henry J. Culver but at higher rates.
  • Sgt. Macklemann: A guard for the Hollywood Correctional Facility. Number can be acquired from Allesandro Hobbs for 8000. Provides information about Corporate security, how to avoid it. Can provide access to Hollywood CF for 5000.
  • Sharkey: A flirty elf from Sinsearch. Number can be acquired from Capt. Quinton James for 2800. Sells Smart Goggles for 3000. Also provides Helicopter rides to Salish-Sidhe or Sinsearch for 3000/5000.
  • Wilma Temmenhoff: A local decker. Number can be acquired from Gunderson in the Redmond Barrens for 1000. Provides information on the Matrix. Sell Level 3 Degrade and Rebound for 5000 each.

Mr. Johnsons

The term "Mr. Johnson" (keep your immature jokes to yourselves) describes fixers and agents who will act as a middle man between shadowrunners and the clients. They provide "runs" on behalf of the client, provide information and take their cut when job is over. There are several Johnsons around the Seattle who can provide you work.

  • Gunderson: A man with questionable hygenie and ethics, Gunderson provides only short but cheap runs from the Redmond Barrens. Jobs avaiable are Courier, Escort and Ghoul Hunting. Can sell Wilma Temmenhoff's contact for 1000. His jobs always award 1 karma points.
  • Mortimer Reed: A mid level Johnson operating from Penumbra District. Provides all types of runs with generally low level difficulty. Can sell Allesandro Hobbs's contact number for 1500.
  • Julius Strouther: Offers same type of jobs as Reed. You have to pay everytime you want to enter the building he is in. Resides at Downtown Seattle, Matchstick Club. Sells Capt. Quinton James' contact number.
  • Vigore and Jarl: Offer Matrix, Acquisition and Extraction runs which pay less karma points.
  • Caleb Brightmore: A high level Johnson who provides dangerous but highest paying Matrix, Acquisition and Extraction runs. Also provides contact info for Sgt. Chillicut and Kipp David for 2000 each.


Various people around the Seattle can be recruited into your team if you can pay for their services. Shadowrunners can be hired for either one job, or for the long term. If hired for a short duration they will stick around until a run is complete, fired or they (or Joshua) are knocked out. If hired for long term they will stay with Joshua until fired or knocked out.

Just like Joshua, Shadowrunners gain Karma points which can be used to improve their stats and skills. Players can also purchase equipment, weapons, spells and even cyberware for them.

Technically speaking, all Shadowrunners in the game, even the low level ones can be built into powerhouses as long as you let them tag along and build their abilities.

  • Ricky: Dwarf Rat Shaman. High Body and Strenght scores but Quickness is less than ideal. First Shadowrunner you will encounter, Ricky will not ask too much in return of tagging along. He starts will many evasion spells that might help you during the early game. Can be found at The Jackal's Lantern in Redmond Barrens. Starts with: Stink 3, Flame Bolt 1, Invisibility 1, Rockskin 2.
  • Petre: Dwarf Decker. High high Body stat will allow him to survive longer both in combat and cybercombat. Quite cheap hiring price for a decker. Can be found at Wanderer Inn at Puyallup Barrens. Starts with: Datajack.
  • Trent: Human mage. Balanced overall stats with dangerously low Body stat. Overall nice guy, Trent is very friendly towards Joshua and even gives away Prof. Jefferson for free. He is cheap but you have to something about his low health. Can be found at Space Needle in Downtown Seattle. Starts with: Flame Dart 2, Heal Wounds 2, Rockskin 3.
  • Winston Marrs: An Troll samurai with a battle lust and lots of terrible jokes. Being a Troll, his Body and Strenght stats can be increased beyond the limit. He can take a lot damage without dying and also can be powerful melee fighter or a gunner, especially if he is cybered-up. Can be found at The Big Rhino in Penumbra District.
  • Phantom: Elf Decker. His Quickness can be increased beyond normal limits and starts with pretty high stats. Kind of expensive however. Can be found at Frag Grenade in Renraku Archology. Starts with: Datajack, Hand Razors, Wired Reflexes 1.
  • Walking Bear: Orc Bear Shaman. Orcs have slightly higher Quickness compared to the Dwarfs but lower maximum Strenght and Body. She has many combat-related spells in her arsenal and can last longer in a fight. Expensive. Can be found at Friendship Restaurant in Council Island. Starts with: Mana Zap 1, Mana Storm 4, Sleep 3, Heal Wounds 2, Confusion 2.
  • Rianna: Elf Decker. Great initial stats for both combat and cybercombat. She also carries high-level weapons and equipment but very expensive to hire. Can be found at Matchsticks Club in Downtown Seattle. Starts with: Datajack, Smartlink, Wired Reflexes 2.
  • Freya: Elf Mage. This flirtatious elf lady starts with great amount of combat and utility spells but very also expensive to hire. Can be found at Club Penumbra in Penumbra District. Starts with: Mana Blast 3, Hell Blast 3, Super Barrier 2, Invisibility 3, Sleep 4, Heal Wounds 4.
  • Ilene Two-Fists: Human Samurai. Ilene has very high stats and also heavily cybered-up. Her melee skills will most likely cause significant damage without the use of firearms. Quite expensive but also very, very powerful. Can be found at The Jump House in the Redmond Barrens after rescuing her from the Hollywood Correctional (which is part of the main storyline). Starts with: Hand Razors, Muscle Replacement 1, Wired Reflexes 1.
  • Stark: Human Samurai. Stark is a secret recruitable NPC who can join you if you complete a secret, unmarked quest to save his life. Stark has very high stats for combat but since he is filled up with cybernetics, he cannot be improved with cyberware any further. He will also join you for free and will not complain even if you kick him out and recruit him again later. Can be found at Underground 93 in Puyallup Barrens. Starts with: Cyber Eyes, Spurs, Muscle Replacement 1, Dermal Plating 3, Wired Reflexes 2.

Production credits

US manual
Shadowrun MD US Manual.pdf

Magazine articles

Main article: Shadowrun (Mega Drive)/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Print advert in Game Players (US) #0705: "Vol. 7 No. 5 May 1994" (1994-0x-xx)
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