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Production credits

Sonic Mania Development Team

  • Lead Designer: Jared Kasl
  • Designers: Brad Flick, Taryn Costello, Michael Balm
  • Art Director: Tom Fry
  • Artists: Paul Veer, Kieran Gates, Lucas "Midio" Carvalho
Tantalus Media
  • CEO: Tom Crago
  • Producer: Joss Ellis
  • Switch Lead: David Lally
  • Programmers: Sean O'Sullivan, Derek Johnson
  • QA Leads: David Doe, Sheylla Tupia
Original Music
  • Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Oil Ocean Zone: Composed by Masato Nakamura
Animation Intro
Special Thanks

Sega of America, Inc.

  • Licensing Director: Ari Sariel
  • Senior Manager: Sylvia Barraza
  • PD Manager: Sandra Jo
  • Associate Manager: Alex "The Kidd" Solverson
  • Specialist: Michael Cisneros
  • PD Coordinator: Mai Kiyotaki
Creative Services
Multimedia Production
Legal and Business Affairs
  • Director of Legal and Business: Cindy Lin
  • Legal and Business Counsel: Wendy Wang

Atlus USA, Inc.

Quality Assurance
  • QA Manager: Carl Chen
  • Assistant QA Manager: Scott Williams
  • QA Lead: Elwood Cruz
  • QA Accomplice Specialist: Rob Stone
  • QA Testers: Tony Resendes, Adam Borno, Ian Kelly, Logan Sandefur, Steven Kawafuchi
  • Senior Systems Admin: Bryan Khul
  • IT Guy Tyrone: Brian "Bquick" Quach

Sega Europe, Ltd.

Product Development
Lead Translators
Quality Assurance
  • Functionality QA Lead: Stephen Edwards
  • Functionality QA Senior Tester: Jasper Engels
  • Functionality QA Testers: Dumitru Garofil, Dwyane Husbands, Errol Burke, Luke Nelson, Michael Pelling, Prathan Lothongkum, Simone Decradi-Nelson, John Wright, Zack Garvey, Amandeep Gosal
  • Localisation QA Supervisor: Ruggero Varisco
  • Localisation QA: Jérémié Maréchau, Antonio Matrone, Irina Hoff, Jose Torres
  • Compliance QA Leads: David Jenkins, Gerson de Sousa
  • Compliance QA Senior Tester: Renato Insalaco
  • Compliance QA Testers: Martha Baquero, Michael Blanco
Customer Service
  • Customer Service Manager: John White
Marketing PR and Comms
Creative Services
Commercial Publishing
  • VP of Digital Business: James Schall
  • Business Development Directors: Peter Chan, Stephane Bonazza
  • Technical Director: Steve Sharp
  • EMEA Sales Director: Alison Gould
  • Head of EMEA Sales: Simon Inch
  • EMEA Sales Account Manager: Stephanie Olbe
  • Senior Business Manager: Anh Luong
  • Junior Digital Account Manager: Charlotte Rouget-Murphy
  • Digital Distribution Assistant: Megan Garett
  • Senior Business Analyst: Jarvis Crofts
  • Business Analysts: Filippo Minigione, Pedro Gonzalez
  • Project Launch Manager: James Gourlay
  • Project Launch Assistant: Clinton Allman
Business Planning
  • SVP, Business Planning: Katsuhiro Ichinose
  • Director of Business Analysis: Jean-Yves Lapasset
  • Publishing Project Manager: Ryoko Nakao
  • Senior Business Planning Analyst: Yoshiko Mukaiyama
  • Business Planning Co-ordinator: Takashi Nakaya
  • Business Analyst: Matthew Hodgson
  • Junior Business Analyst: Samuel Riches
  • European Research Manager: Lucy Peaple
  • European Research Executive: Douglas Owusu
  • European Research Assistant: Daniel Vincent
Brand Licensing
  • Director of EU Brand Licensing: Jason Rice
  • Senior Licensing Manager: Toby Rayfield
  • Retail Licensing Power: Kay Ferneyhough
  • Product Development Manager: Samuel Byard
  • Licensing Co-ordinator: Jason Goonery
  • Junior Graphic Designer: Paul Dunn
  • Director of Legal and Business Affairs: Nicky Ormrod
  • Head of Licensing: Nivine Emeran
  • Legal Counsels: Daniel Finegold, Ilan Pdahtzur
  • Legal Executive: Lola Okuboyejo
  • Finance Director: Deepak Sharma
  • Finance Controller: Michael Riley
  • Group Finance Manager: Lenia Peros
  • Finance Manager: Paul Foley
  • Credit Control Manager: Pauline McDonagh
  • Management Accountant: Tac Hau
  • Accounts Payment Supervisor: Bradley Matthews
  • Accounts Co-ordinator: Sunil Kalotia
  • Oracle Applications Support: Luke Walker
  • Oracle Finance Applications Support: Richard Welch
  • Director of Technology: Stuart Wright
  • Head of Live Operations and Development: Francis Hart
  • Senior Systems Infrastructure Analyst: Jide Agbalaya
  • Network and Security Manager: Khasif Iqbal
  • Network and Security Technicians: Clinton Littlejohn, Mohamed Bensakrane
  • Linux Live Operations Engineer: Borislav Velchev
  • Project Manager: Paul Leclercq
  • Online Services Developer: Navin Algoo
  • Web Developer: Rob Howard
  • Data Architect: Felix Baker
  • Junior Data Developer: Jagdeep Gosal
  • IT Support Manager: Luis de Mendonca
  • Junior IT Support Technicians: Bryan Mencias, Stacy Lovage
  • Live Operations Monitoring Lead: Peter Hamilton
  • Live Operations Monitoring Engineers: Ricky Hetherington, Fernando Azevedo, Rikki Laffar, Daniel Dixon, Haren Patel
  • Director of HR: Ben Harrison
  • HR Manager: Eithne Metcalfe-Bliss
  • Payroll and Benefits Manager: Shilpa Pandya
  • Talent Executive: Ashleigh Meale
  • HR Assistant: Roseanna Jefferson
  • Facilities Manager: Aidan Bass
  • Corporate Office Manager: Lindsey Cox
  • Receptionist: Alexia Hudson

Sega Games Co., Ltd.

In-game credits


Music credits

ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
00 Discovery Title screen Yes
01 Comfort Zone Main menu Yes
02 Sunshine Cassette Mania Mode save select Yes
03 Double Take Encore Mode save select Yes Sonic Mania Plus only.
04 Head 2 Head Competition menu Yes
05 The Winner! Results screen Yes
06 The Blur Speed up Yes
07 Undefeated Invincible Yes
08 1 UP jingle Yes
09 Act clear Yes
10 Angel Island Zone Yes Sonic Mania Plus only.
11 Green Hill Zone Act 1 Yes
12 Green Hill Zone Act 2 Yes
13 Chemical Plant Zone Act 1 Yes
14 Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 Yes
15 Lights, Camera, Action! Studiopolis Zone Act 1 Yes
16 Prime Time Studiopolis Zone Act 2 Yes
17 Flying Battery Zone Act 1 Yes
18 Flying Battery Zone Act 2 Yes
19 Tabloid Jargon Press Garden Zone Act 1 Yes
20 Blossom Haze Press Garden Zone Act 2 Yes
21 Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1 Yes
22 Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2 Yes
23 Hydrocity Zone Act 1 Yes
24 Hydrocity Zone Act 2 Yes
25 Skyway Octane Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 ST Yes
26 Wildstyle Pistolero Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 K Yes
27 Rogues Gallery Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2 Yes
28 Oil Ocean Zone Act 1 Yes
29 Oil Ocean Zone Act 2 Yes
30 Lava Reef Zone Act 1 Yes
31 Lava Reef Zone Act 2 Yes
32 Metallic Madness Zone Act 1 Yes
33 Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 Yes
34 Built to Rule Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1 Yes
35 Steel Cortex Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2 Yes
36 Danger on the Dance Floor Mini boss Yes
37 Ruby Delusions Eggman boss 1 Yes
38 Havoc Prognosis Eggman boss 2 Yes
39 Hi-Spec Robo Go! Hard Boiled Heavies boss Yes
40 Ruby Illusions Final boss Yes
41 Eggman Mean Bean Mean Bean Machine Yes
42 Metal Sonic boss Yes
43 Egg Reverie Egg Reverie Zone Yes
44 Egg panicky Egg Reverie Zone pinch mode No
45 Dimension Heist Special Stage Yes
46 Blue Spheres Blue Spheres Bonus Stage Yes
47 Trap Tower Pinball Bonus Stage Yes Sonic Mania Plus only.
48 Guided Tour Staff roll Yes
49 Glimmering Gift Super transformation Yes
50 Drowning Yes
51 Game Over Yes
52 Who's the boss? Hard Boiled Heavies mischief theme Yes
53 Angel Island Zone cutscene Yes
54 Countdown to Continue Continue Yes
55 Back in Action Mighty & Ray cutscene Yes Sonic Mania Plus only.
N/A Friends Intro FMV Yes
N/A Rise of the Icon Intro FMV (alternate) Yes


Sonic Mania

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