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Page code name link country
576 KByte (TV show) 576kb 576 KByte HU
Bad Influence! badinfluencetv Bad Influence! UK
Bits (TV series) bits Bits UK
Bonus (TV show) bonus Bonus RU
Bonus Club bc Bonus Club RU
Buzz! Computers buzz Buzz! Computers UK
Computer Hall ch Computer Hall RU
Cyberia (TV show) cyberia Cyberia PL
CyberMaster cybermaster CyberMaster PT
Dendy (TV show) dendy Dendy RU
Dendy Novaya real'nost' (TV show) dnr Dendy Novaya real'nost' RU
Digitiser digitiser Digitiser UK
Galaktika videoigr gv Galaktika videoigr UA
GamePro TV gameprotv GamePro TV US
Games World gamesworldtv Games World UK
GamesMaster gamesmastertv GamesMaster UK
Hrayutʹ Usi! hu Hrayutʹ Usi! UA
Igromanija igromanija Igromanija YU
Intro intro Intro YU
Megadrom Agenta Z maz Megadrom Agenta Z RU
Mir Dendy (MTK) mdmtk Mir Dendy RU
Mir Dendy (Premier) mdpremier Mir Dendy RU
Modul 8 modul8 Modul 8 HR
Moriguchi Hiroko no Mega Kids TV mhnmktv Moriguchi Hiroko no Mega Kids TV JP
Nick Arcade nickarcade Nick Arcade US
Novaya Real'nost' nr Novaya Real'nost' RU
Play Time TV playtimetv Play Time TV DE
Power Play (TV show) powerplay Power Play NL
Sega Klinci segaklinci Sega Klinci YU
Segacción segaccion Segacción CL
Starcade starcade Starcade US
Strana Igr (TV show) stranaigr Strana Igr RU
Télévisator 2 t2 Télévisator 2 FR
Template:VideoNameStore bits Bits UK
Template:VideoNameStore sonicsuperhedgehog Sonic - Super Hedgehog RU
Template:VideoNameStore sssv Sega Shinsaku Soft Video JP
Template:VideoNameStore ssvm Sega Saturn Video Magazine JP
Template:VideoNameStore svm Sega Video Magazine JP
Template:VideoNameStore szegasztok Szegasztok HU
Template:VideoNameStore thezone The Zone AU
The Zone thezone The Zone AU
Thumb Bandits thumbbandits Thumb Bandits UK
Variant Variant Variant RU
Video Boy vb Video Boy RU
Video Power videopower Video Power US
Špatný vliv badinfluencecz Špatný vliv CZ