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Streets of Rage 2
Format(s): Vinyl
Record label: Data Discs
Release Date RRP Code
£24.9924.99[2] DATA005

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Streets of Rage 2 is a vinyl album containing music from the arcade game, Streets of Rage 2.

Track list

A1. S.O.R Super Mix (3:17)
A2. Player Select (0:39)
A3. Go Straight (4:27)
A4. In the Bar (1:58)
A5. Never Return Alive (3:43)
A6. Spin on the Bridge (4:17)
B1. Ready Funk (1:29)
B2. Dreamer (3:07)
B3. Alien Power (3:00)
B4. Under Logic (2:42)
B5. Too Deep (3:48)
B6. Slow Moon (3:02)
B7. Round Clear (0:08)
C1. Wave 131 (2:26)
C2. Jungle Base (3:30)
C3. Back to the Industry (1:45)
C4. Expander (2:39)
C5. Max Man (1:56)
C6. Revenge of Mr.X (2:25)
C7. Good End (2:44)
C8. Game Over (0:05)
D1. Go Straight (Original Version) (3:56)
D2. Little Money Avenue (Unused Track) (2:29)
D3. In the Bar (Alternate Version) (2:20)
D4. Walking Bottom (Prototype Track) (2:10)
Running time: 64:02

Production credits

  • All music composed by: Yuzo Koshiro, except
  • Audio sourced from the original NEC PC-88 files, supplied by Yuzo Koshiro (A2, A6, B1, B3, B6, B7, C1, C2, C4, C5, C8, D1, D2, D4) and two Japanese Model 1 Mega Drives (VA1 and VA5 motherboards) with Yamaha YM2612 sound chip and stereo output mod (VA1: A1, A3, A4, A5, B2, B4, B5, C7, D3 and VA5: C3, C6)
  • All source material captured in 24bit/96kHz
  • All tracks mastered for vinyl by: Shaun Crook, November-December 2015
  • Special thanks to: WING☆GHOST
  • Produced under license from Ancient, corp and SEGA
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Physical scans

Vinyl, UK
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