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Mário Dorminsky (well known Portuguese journalist Founder of Oporto International Film Festival, and Co-Founder, CEO and Marketing Director at Ecofilmes (1990-1995)

This text is featured in the public section of his linkedin profile:

Marketing Director

SEGA Portugal / Ecofilmes

1990 – 1995 5 anos (5 years)

"Sega's 32 bit console (Sega Saturn) may have lagged in third place all over the world, behind the Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation , but in Portugal it was a major hit, thanks to Mario Dorminsky's killer marketing strategies (Dorminsky was head of Ecofilmes, Sega's official portuguese distributor, before moving on to dedicate himself entirely to his horror film festival, FantasPorto).

If you were a Portuguese kid during 96 or 97 chances were most of your friends had a Sega Saturn, and there was only one lonely guy who had a Playstation instead (who unfortunately could not trade games with any of his friends because no one else had one). If only Sega of America had recruited Dorminsky to plan and command the operations during the Dreamcast launch one can only wonder how the World of Videogames would be like today..."

David Rosen

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