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For the unrelated Mega-CD game, see ESPN NBA Hangtime '95.


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NBA Hang Time
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Midway Home Entertainment
Distributor: T-HQ International (Europe)
Licensor: NBA Properties
Sound driver: GEMS
Peripherals supported: Team Player
Genre: Sports (basketball)

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
£39.9939.99[3] T-97136-50
Sega Mega Drive
Tectoy: Todas as Idades
Non-Sega versions

NBA Hang Time is an arcade basketball game which was ported to the Sega Mega Drive.

The game is a direct descendant of NBA Jam: Tournament Edition. However, it was forced to change its name after Acclaim Entertainment bought the rights to the NBA Jam moniker. It would be followed by NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC some years later.


Like NBA Jam, the game is a fast-paced, two-on-two basketball game. All of the NBA teams at the time are represented, and the player chooses a line-up of two players out of five players from each team. Each match-up is four quarters of three minutes each. The goal is to outscore the other team; baskets from within the three-point line are worth two points, and shots from outside of it are worth three points. There are no fouls, free throws, or violations except goaltending and a 24-second shot clock. Teams can substitute players at halftime.

Players are moved around the court with the D-Pad. Players have a turbo meter that increases their running speed by holding A. The turbo meter is depleted as it is used, but it quickly recharges when it is not used.

The game supports up to four players simultaneously with the Team Player. Additional players can join the game while it is in progress by pressing  START . In one- and two-player games, players control one member of their respective teams and have AI-controlled teammates. The game also has a Computer Assistance feature enabled by default that increases the precision of the losing team's shots to ensure a more competitive game.

The game has a "Create a Player" feature for creating custom players, which are saved to the cartridge with a battery backup.

NBA Hang Time, Tip-Off.png

Each game starts with a tip-off, where a player from each team leaps with A and B for possession of the ball. Possession of the ball goes to the home team (team two) at the beginning of the second and fourth quarters and to the visiting team (team one) at the beginning of the third quarter, regardless of who wins the tip-off or who had possession of the ball at the end of the last quarter.

NBA Hang Time, Defense, Block.png

NBA Hang Time, Defense, Steal.png

  • NBA Hang Time, Defense, Block.png

  • NBA Hang Time, Defense, Steal.png

When the player's team does not have possession of the ball, the player can jump to block the opposing team's shots with B. If the player has turbo, the player can perform a high jump with A+B. If the ball is on the downward trajectory of its arc when it is blocked, the player is charged with goaltending and the other team receives points for a successful basket. However, if the ball touches the rim of the basket, any player on either team can grab it.

When near an opposing player, the player can try to steal the ball with C. The ball flashes white when the other team touches it. If the player has turbo, the player can also shove another player with A+C. Shoving can cause the other player to drop the ball or move another player out of the way to clear a shot for a teammate.

NBA Hang Time, Offense, Shoot.png

NBA Hang Time, Offense, Protect.png

NBA Hang Time, Offense, Dunk.png

NBA Hang Time, Offense, Fire Dunk.png

  • NBA Hang Time, Offense, Shoot.png

  • NBA Hang Time, Offense, Protect.png

  • NBA Hang Time, Offense, Dunk.png

  • NBA Hang Time, Offense, Fire Dunk.png

When the player's team has possession of the ball, the player can perform a jump shot by holding B. The ball is released when the button is released; releasing the button at the apex of the leap leads to a more accurate shot but increases the risk of a defender blocking or stealing the ball. The player can perform a jump pass by pressing C while in the air. Players can do an alley oop by passing to a teammate while he is flashing in the air near the hoop. The player can do a head fake by tapping B, but since this discontinues the player's dribble, the player can no longer move with the ball and must pass or shoot. The player can perform a lay-up or a dunk by pressing B while running near the basket with turbo.

If a player makes three baskets in a row, the player becomes "on fire" and has unlimited turbo, no goaltending, and increased shooting precision. The "on fire" mode continues until the other team scores or until the player who is "on fire" scores four additional consecutive baskets while "on fire."

The player can pass the ball with C. When playing with an AI teammate, pressing C forces the AI to pass the ball. Opponents can intercept the ball as it is being passed.

The player can protect the ball by tapping A, which can prevent opponents from trying to steal it.


Conference Team Players
Western Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks Jim Jackson
Jason Kidd
Jamal Mashburn
Eric Montross
George McCloud
Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets Mark Jackson
Antonio McDyess
Bryant Stith
Dale Ellis
Šarūnas Marčiulionis
Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors Mark Price
Latrell Sprewell
Rony Seikaly
Joe Smith
Chris Mullin
Houston Rockets Houston Rockets Hakeem Olajuwon
Clyde Drexler
Robert Horry
Sam Cassell
Mario Elie
L.A. Clippers L.A. Clippers Loy Vaught
Rodney Rogers
Lamond Murray
Pooh Richardson
Brent Barry
L.A. Lakers L.A. Lakers Nick Van Exel
Sedale Threatt
Cedric Ceballos
Elden Campbell
Eddie Jones
Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Cherokee Parks
Terry Porter
James Robinson
Tom Gugliotta
Kevin Garnett
Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns Kevin Johnson
Wayman Tisdale
Danny Manning
Wesley Person
Michael Finley
Portland Trail Blazers Portland Trail Blazers Isaiah Rider
Clifford Robinson
Arvydas Sabonis
Kenny Anderson
Randolph Childress
Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings Billy Owens
Mitch Richmond
Brian Grant
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Tyus Edney
San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs Sean Elliott
David Robinson
Avery Johnson
Chuck Person
Vinny Del Negro
Seattle Supersonics Seattle Supersonics Shawn Kemp
Gary Payton
Detlef Schrempf
Hersey Hawkins
Sherell Ford
Utah Jazz Utah Jazz John Stockton
Karl Malone
Jeff Hornacek
David Benoit
Chris Morris
Vancouver Grizzlies Vancouver Grizzlies Greg Anthony
Blue Edwards
Lee Mayberry
Bryant Reeves
Anthony Peeler
Eastern Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks Dikembe Mutumbo
Mookie Blaylock
Steve Smith
Christian Laettner
Ken Norman
Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Dee Brown
Dana Barros
Greg Minor
Dino Radja
Rick Fox
Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets Vlade Divac
Anthony Mason
Glen Rice
George Zidek
Dell Curry
Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls Scottie Pippen
Dennis Rodman
Toni Kukoč
Luc Longley
Steve Kerr
Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers Tyrone Hill
Chris Mills
Bobby Phills
Terrell Brandon
Danny Ferry
Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons Joe Dumars
Terry Mills
Otis Thorpe
Stacey Augmon
Grant Hill
Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller
Antonio Davis
Rik Smits
Derrick McKey
Jalen Rose
Miami Heat Miami Heat Alonzo Mourning
Walt Williams
Kurt Thomas
Tim Hardaway
Sasha Danilović
Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks Vin Baker
Glenn Robinson
Shawn Respert
Andrew Lang
Sherman Douglas
New Jersey Nets New Jersey Nets Kendall Gill
Shawn Bradley
Armon Gilliam
Ed O'Bannon
Kevin Edwards
New York Knicks New York Knicks Patrick Ewing
Allan Houston
Larry Johnson
Charles Oakley
John Starks
Orlando Magic Orlando Magic Anfernee Hardaway
Horace Grant
Nick Anderson
Dennis Scott
Jon Koncak
Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers Jerry Stackhouse
Derrick Coleman
Clarence Weatherspoon
Don MacLean
Rex Walters
Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors Carlos Rogers
Damon Stoudamire
Alvin Robertson
Popeye Jones
Sharone Wright
Washington Bullets Washington Bullets Juwan Howard
Chris Webber
Calbert Cheaney
Rod Strickland
Gheorghe Mureșan



High Voltage Software claims to have been working on a Sega Saturn version,[5] but it never materialized. The Saturn version was mentioned in C&VG #181,[6] #185,[7] #187[8] and #188[9] along with release dates.

Production credits

Midway Games Team
  • Design Team:
    • Lead Programmer: Mark Turmell
    • Programmers: Dan Thompson, Jeff Johnson
    • Lead Artist: Sal Divita
    • Artists: Eugene Geer, John Carlton, Jennifer Hedrick
  • Additional Design: Shawn Liptak, Pat Fitzgerald, Marty Martinez, Nick Ehrlich, Jamie Rivett, John Root, Carlos Pesina
  • Sound and Music:
    • Lead Sound/Music: John Hey
    • Music: Kevin QUINN
    • Announcer: Neil Funk
Midway Home Entertainment Team
  • Executive Producer: Michael Rubinelli
  • Associate Producer: Michael Gottlieb
  • Assistant Producer: John Stookey
  • Creative Services: Debbie Austin, Jon Mongelluzzo, Shawn Murphy, Dave Young
  • Testing: Scott Desjardins, Eric Holmboe, Jeff Hooks, Mike Laflower, Eric Narvaez, Dan Wagner
Funcom Home Design Team
  • Lead Programmer: Carl-Henrik Skarstedt
  • Programmer: Johan Andersson
  • Lead Graphic Artist: Colin Mcmahon
  • Music & SFX Adaption: Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise
  • Tools Programmer: Andre Johansen
  • Graphic Artists: Tommy Svensson, Glen Kristofferson, Tore Blystad
  • Additional Code Research: Henrik Holmdahl
  • Producer: Christian Lassem
  • Product Manager: Nils Hatlem
US manual
NBA Hang Time MD US Manual.pdf

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Print advert in EGM² (US) #29: "November 1996" (1996-xx-xx)
Print advert in Ultra Game Players (US) #93: "January 1997" (199x-xx-xx)
Print advert in Computer & Video Games (UK) #184: "March 1997" (1997-02-12)
Print advert in Computer & Video Games (UK) #185: "April 1997" (1997-03-12)
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NBA Hang Time

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NBA Hang Time

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