¡Atencion! Mezcla Explosiva: Especial Eternal Champions

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¡Atencion! Mezcla Explosiva: Especial Eternal Champions
Format: VHS
Running time: 18:42
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¡Atencion! Mezcla Explosiva: Especial Eternal Champions is a VHS cassette promoting Sega Mega Drive, Sega Mega-CD and Sega Game Gear games (and technically Sega Master System titles, although no footage is provided) in Spain. It was released alongside Hobby Consolas magazine issue #27.

The video uses the then-popular Sega TV advertising campaign, recycling and dubbing various clips used in UK (and Spanish) advertising. The Sonic the Hedgehog TV series is also mentioned, as is (briefly) the Sega Activator and cancelled Sega VR.

Despite its name Eternal Champions is not given much more coverage than any other title on this VHS. Video quality ranges from game to game.

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