Alan Stone

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Alan Stone
Date of birth: 19xx
Date of death: 2017-02 (age 17-117)
Employment history:
Far East Video (1978[1] – 198x)
Nintendo of America (198x – 1992[2])
Sega Enterprises USA (1993 – 1996-03)
Sega GameWorks (1996-03 – 1998-08)
Sega Enterprises USA (1998-08 – )
Role(s): Executive

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Alan D. "Al" Stone was a former president and chief operating officer of Sega Enterprises USA.

Stone and business partner Ron Judy established the Seattle-based Far East Video in 1978[1], becoming the official representitive of Nintendo in the country. In 1980 Nintendo wished to set up its own offices in the US, forming Nintendo of America in New York, and hiring Stone and Judy as its principle marketeers (where they would be overseen by NoA president, Minora Arakawa).

Stone resigned from Nintendo in mid-1992 and joined Sega in late 1993 as "executive vice president of the amusement operations division". He was promoted to president of the division in mid-1994, replacing Tom Petit who left to work at Acclaim Entertainment, and was promoted again to president and COO of the company later in the year.

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