Arcade Command Stick

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ArcadeCommandStick SMS.jpg
Arcade Command Stick
Manufacturer: Sega
Made for: Sega Master System

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The Arcade Command Stick is an unreleased official Sega Master System controller. Despite having its name trademarked, being given a serial code (43052) and advertised in 1988 (with what is assumed to be concept art), the peripheral never materialised for unknown reasons.

The Arcade Command Stick was set to be a high-end controller - a step above the Sega Control Stick in replicating an arcade-like control scheme. It appears to have had turbo switches and rotatable buttons, and is much larger (and presumably heavier) unit than the Control Stick. Though no prototype units have ever been found, there is a close match in the form of the XE-1 Pro by Dempa.

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