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Batman Returns
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: DC Comics
Genre: Action[1][2][3]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥3,5003,500 G-3314
Sega Game Gear
$34.9534.95[5] 2416
Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear
£24.9924.99[6][7] 2416
Sega Game Gear

Batman Returns (バットマン・リターンズ) is a Sega Game Gear action game developed by Aspect. Based on the 1992 film Batman Returns, it features similiar gameplay to the Sega Master System version, but with emphasis on action over platforming.


The game loosely follows the plot of the film. The grotesque Penguin and his Red Triangle Gang are terrorizing Gotham City. They abduct and murder Gotham's Ice Princess and frame Batman for it. The Penguin is also running for Mayor of Gotham as part of millionaire businessman Max Shreck's schemes for consolidating control over the city. Meanwhile, Shreck's former employee Selina Kyle takes up the mantle of Catwoman after he attempts to kill her for uncovering his plans. She becomes entangled with Batman as she vows revenge.


Batman Returns is an action platformer resembling Sega's Shinobi series of games. Batman can move around with Left and Right, jump with 2, and crouch with Down. He can jump off thin platforms with Down+2. Batman is armed with Batarangs, a bat-shaped projectile weapon similar to a boomerang or a shuriken, which he throws with 1. The weapon returns after it is thrown and can damage opponents on its way back as well. The player can choose between three styles of throwing the Batarang, all of which are unlimited: Long Range, which is the weakest but the safest; Powerful, which is the strongest but the shortest-ranged; and Normal, which is a compromise of the two. Most enemies require more hits to be defeated with the weaker Batarangs. Batman can throw Batarangs while crouching or jumping. Enemies are momentarily stunned after being attacked. Attacks also intercept enemy projectiles. At close range, Batman punches enemies instead of throwing a Batarang.

Batman Returns GG, Pause Menu.png

Pause menu

Additionally, Batman can summon the Batmobile or (in the last two levels) the Batskiboat to destroy all enemies on screen at the cost of one Special Attack Token, which can be replenished through item pick-ups. The  START  button brings up a menu that allows Batman to change his Batarang attack or use his special attack.

Batman is also equipped with a grappling hook, which he can use by pressing 2 again after jumping. The grappling hook attaches to the bottom of platforms and can be used to swing (if cast with forward momentum) or climb up to thin platforms (with Up to reel upward and then 2 to jump onto the platform). It is often used to pass over gaps or pull Batman up to higher areas. The grappling hook can also hit things directly above Batman, which is useful for breaking open item containers or on boss encounters. Batman can also glide from great heights if the player holds 2 for the entirety of the jump.

Batman has ten hit points, which he can lose if he touches an enemy or is hit by one of their attacks. He can find items in the stages to replenish lost hit points. If he loses all of his hit points, he loses a life. He starts with three lives and gains another every 50,000 points earned. If Batman loses all of his lives, the player can continue from the beginning of the stage.


Batman Returns GG, Items.png
Item Marker
Break open to release an item.
Batman Returns GG, Items.png
Partial Heart
Heals Batman for two health points.
Batman Returns GG, Items.png
Full Heart
Heals Batman for four health points.
Batman Returns GG, Items.png
Special Attack Token
Grants the player another use of Batman's special attack, which calls the Batmobile or the Batskiboat to destroy all enemies on screen.


The first four stages have three segments followed by a boss fight. At the beginning of these stages, the player is asked to choose one of two routes. The second route is generally more difficult than the first, but both routes lead to the same boss fight and the player's choice of path has no effect outside of the current stage.

The final stage has only one route with six segments and concludes with a fight against the Penguin.

On some of the boss fights, the boss and the background flicker out of phase with one another and cannot be captured in the same screen shot.

Batman Returns GG, Stage 1-1.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 1-2.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 1-3.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 1-4.png

Stage 1

Batman Returns GG, Stage 2-1.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 2-2.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 2-3.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 2-4.png

Stage 2

Batman Returns GG, Stage 3-1.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 3-2.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 3-3.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 3-4.png

Stage 3

Batman Returns GG, Stage 4-1.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 4-2.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 4-3.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 4-4.png

Stage 4

Batman Returns GG, Stage 5-1.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 5-2.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 5-3.png

Batman Returns GG, Stage 5-4.png

Stage 5



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FI advert (1993)
Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1992-10: "October 1992" (1992-09-08)
Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #41: "December 1992" (1992-xx-xx)
Print advert in Supergame (BR) #19: "Fevereiro 1993" (1993-02-xx)
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Batman Returns (Game Gear)

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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 7ac4a3ca
MD5 1e8cfd2f30e9ad733f602cf2de696ba9
SHA-1 85994b2f506c7bded0b02a59d96b1d949e48d518
256kB Cartridge


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Batman Returns (Game Gear)

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